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Do More With Less - 8 Ways to Have a Productive 2018

Ah, new year. Time for our annual barrage of “new year, new you” adverts and the never ending pressure to create a whole host of new year’s resolutions that, deep down, you know you’ll never keep. It’s no wonder that the January blues hit us so hard. But what if, this year, we tried something different? What if we tried doing less?

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7 Times the Library Stole the Show in Hollywood

It’s sadly all too rare these days for the library to feel like they’re centre stage. Even in the media, it can often feel like Hollywood films portray the very worst of library stereotypes. Female, a certain age, glasses, that same fashion sense… it’s bound to exacerbate the situation. Thankfully, there are some select movies that break the mould. From helping defeat vampires to wedding venues and Librarian superheroes, there’s something for every movie goer’s taste. Read on for 7 times the library stole the show Hollywood.

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6 Examples of Beautiful (and Smart) Library Design

Library design is a very particular thing. It has to fit with the building in which it is contained, whilst also being adapted to the needs of both its users and those who work there. On top of the practicalities, it helps tremendously if the library is aesthetically appealing, making it more attractive to its potential patrons.

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If Clients Aren’t Asking for It, You’re Not Getting It

If clients aren’t asking for it, you’re not getting it. Or so the saying goes. There is currently much talk in the industry saying that the legal sector has hit a wall when it comes to driving forward change. Law firms are waiting on clients to push them to change, whilst, in contrast, clients seem to be waiting on law firms to be proactive or change in response to market pressure (D. Casey Flaherty, 2016).

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Ten Top Blogs for Info Pros

Information Professionals and Librarians are tasked with finding and curating information to support the development of knowledge within and for their organisations. This means that a considerable amount of time is spent feeding others information in order to further their professional advancement. As such, it can be all too easy for Info Pros to neglect their own career development.

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5 fresh ideas for Information Professionals to continue with professional development

In an environment so fast-paced as the information sector it’s all too easy to get caught up in your day-to-day, leaving little time to focus on your own professional development. For Information Professionals, the value and importance of information sharing is clear - so be sure to do it for yourself too!

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How to get your lawyers to admit that they don’t always know

None of us like to admit that we don’t know the answer to something. Yet, it can be incredibly frustrating (and, at times, a great hindrance) when others also fail to do so. In the professions, where the entire sector has been built upon the concept of knowing what your clients do not, the propensity to not admit your lack of knowledge is even higher. (1)

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4 Business Practices to Freshen Up Your Library Strategy

For Librarians and Information Specialists, efficiency is absolutely paramount. Budget cuts (that I’m sure we’re all tired of hearing about by now) combined with a lack of understanding of the work and value of the library by decision makers only exasperates this.

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Information Specialists’ Biggest Blunder with Paid Content

We all know that in today’s society you get what you pay for. The more you pay, the better quality of product you tend to get, or at least one would expect so. Paying for content provides your end users with information and intelligence that free resources quite simply don’t cover - predictive intelligence, up to the minute legal developments, and high quality insights to name but a few. This we know.

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4 Legal Marketing Tools Your Competitors Are Using to Stay Ahead

So I hear you’re a marketing superstar. You’re doing every single thing within your power, and knowledge, to keep your firm’s marketing in tip top shape. You’ve been writing numerous blog posts and email campaigns for your target audience. Your social media is all pre scheduled throughout the day. You are an organised marketing machine. Though, wait a second. There’s something missing here. Your competitors are still managing to stay one step ahead of you. How are they doing it? Luckily the team here at Linex have got their spy glasses out to give you a sneaky peek at your competitors’ legal marketing tools.

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