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How to improve your writing skills immediately!

We all have quirks in our writing. For many years I enjoyed constructing long sentenced, semicolon studded, purple prose. This isn’t ideal when you are embarking on academic study so I learned to self-edit and proofread.

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Taking back control of your entire organisation’s inbox

As an information professional, you’re essentially managing the current awareness component of the email inboxes of your entire organisation. It’s no easy task - but at least you can be grateful that you probably deal with more digital sources than hard copies.

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Is Agile Project Management right for your library?

It’s impossible to talk about libraries these days without talking about change. As the needs of users change, and as technology changes, libraries must adapt in order to continue to serve their users and organisations well. So as libraries are asked to change quickly - and incorporate new technologies - some are turning to the software development world to adapt their methods of fast-paced working for the library.

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It’s time to recalculate your library’s ROI. Here's how:

You might think that you shouldn’t still need to make a case for your continued existence, and I understand your frustration. However, there’s an ongoing problem across industries of people not understanding what exactly Knowledge Management professionals do.

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What is the difference between Organisational Learning and Knowledge Management?

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Do more with less - 8 ways to have a productive 2018

Ah, new year. Time for our annual barrage of “new year, new you” adverts and the never ending pressure to create a whole host of new year’s resolutions that, deep down, you know you’ll never keep. It’s no wonder that the January blues hit us so hard. But what if, this year, we tried something different? What if we tried doing less?

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Information Specialists’ biggest blunder with paid content

We all know that in today’s society you get what you pay for. The more you pay, the better quality of product you tend to get, or at least one would expect so. Paying for content provides your end users with information and intelligence that free resources quite simply don’t cover - predictive intelligence, up to the minute legal developments, and high quality insights to name but a few. This we know.

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7 quick tips to improve relationships with frustrated lawyers

In a high pressure environment such as law firms it’s to be expected that, on occasion, tensions are going to run high, and legal librarians often find themselves facing the brunt of this. For a workplace to be productive, however, communications need to be as open and positive as possible. So here are seven quick tips for improving relationships between librarians and lawyers for our legal librarian readers:

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Stop drowning in content and use Automation to simplify your life

Does your job feel like trying to keep your head above heaps of content? It’s time to take action to stop wasting your time and increase your current awareness.

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Improve your workflow processes, your time management skills and increase efficiency and productivity

This week I had the opportunity to attend the January luncheon for ALLA – the Atlanta chapter of AALL. With an invitation to "learn about strategies and tools to improve your workflow processes, refine your time management skills, and learn techniques to increase efficiency and productivity", you could say I was at attention and ready to take notes.

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