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Current Awareness

All your information in one place

The Vable platform aggregates articles from 1000's of websites and databases, processes the articles using AI and smart indexing and publishes crucial business intelligence and information to those who need it.

Vable has been developed using feedback from leading law firms and information professionals. Automation & AI form the backbone of the platform, freeing up library & information teams to dedicate more time to where it really matters.

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Deliver only the best content

Keeping your employees informed is a challenge. Information is spread over thousands of publisher platforms, and can quickly become unmanageable. Decision makers risk missing crucial news.

Vable aggregates, processes and publishes all alerts centrally. Having this overview enables greater collaboration between teams and ensures you are maximising ROI from expensive publishers. Vable automates a large part of your current awareness, leaving more time to impress with the sleek curation capabilities. This adds true value for end users.

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Build stronger client relationships

Your clients rely on news as much as your employees do. Why not go the extra mile and proactively send valuable business updates to your clients?

Vable has been designed to break down silos, allowing coordination between business development, law libraries and lawyers. It becomes effortless for lawyers to engage with clients continuously, by delivering bespoke alerts and valuable knowledge. This strengthens the firm's brand and leads to more business.

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What our clients say

  "It’s simple, it’s smart, and it’s powerful. We were extremely impressed with how flexible and dynamic the Vable team have been."
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