Vable Inbox

Centralized email forwarding and analytics 

An email forwarding solution to centralize alerts from any publisher, manage subscribers, and gain complete visibility of usage. 

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Simple, powerful, all in one place

Keep Track of Alerts From Any Publisher

Take control with a centralized inbox through which you can route third-party email subscriptions from any publisher. Gain full visibility and benefit from shared management by having all alerts in one place.

Maintain User Details in One Place

Save time with centralized user management. With Active Directory synchronization, user details are updated seamlessly within the platform.

Manage Subscriptions Across All Alerts

See who is receiving a particular alert, or which alerts a user is subscribed to. Drive efficiency by mass subscribing users or set users "on leave" to temporarily pause their email subscriptions.

Top Features

→  Unlimited Forwarding Rules
→  Custom Headers & Footers
→  Alert Archive
→  Subscriber Groups
→  "On leave" Feature
→  Single Sign-On


→  MyVable self-service


→  Azure
→  Okta

Make data-driven decisions

Maximize Value for Users

Spot trends, identify gaps, and create valuable talking points with your users to ensure they are receiving what they want to receive.

Demonstrate Value at Budget Time

Accurate and standardized analytics covering all aspects of user activity. Use statistics to measure the value of alerts and assess the return on investment of expensive subscriptions.

Top Features

Audit Log
Publish Report
Activity Report

Top Use Cases

Annual & Monthly Reports
Identify Gaps & Spot Trends
Budget Setting
Subscription Renewals

We've got your back - every step of the way

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Our Client Success team is renowned for its incredible assistance, ensuring smooth integration and continuous support. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vable Inbox work with any third-party emails?

Yes! You can subscribe your Vable Inbox account to any third-party email subscriptions.

Is there any limit on how many forwarding rules I can set up?

No! With Vable Inbox there are no limits to how many forwarding rules you can set up. 

How does Vable Inbox handle license restrictions?

We know that subscription content can be subject to license restrictions. When setting up Inbox rules, administrators can mark these emails as containing restricted information. Therefore, content from these emails will not appear in any search results unless you specifically include it.

What kind of analytics does Vable Inbox provide?

Vable Inbox’s Activity Reports give administrators insight into the engagement users have with forwarded emails. The data can be viewed by user, access type, or alert with the option to filter on data type and time period.

Does Vable Inbox work with Research Monitor or Onelog?

Yes! Vable Inbox integrates seamlessly with these services.

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