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Take complete control of your team’s current awareness 

A powerful solution designed to enable information professionals to aggregate, filter, and deliver customized content to end users.

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Aggregate content from your top sources

Never Miss Out Again

Automatically monitor news and updates from publishers, clients, competitors, legal, government, and regulatory bodies. Build upon Vable’s ever-growing library by adding your own public or private sources. 

Control Your Resources

Make the most of your resources by having everything in one place. Efficient content management ensures greater visibility and shared responsibility. Apply access restrictions to selected sources to comply with your external vendor licensing agreements. 

Enhance Collaboration

Collaborate effortlessly across teams, departments, and offices to enhance information sharing within the organization.

Top Features

→  Web Page Monitoring
→  RSS Feed Parsing
→  Adding Private Sources
→  License Restrictions
→  Foreign Language Source Tracking

Top Publishers

→  Westlaw
→  LexisNexis
→  Acuris
→  Financial Times
→  Law360
→  Reuters

Filter out the noise

Find Results Fast

Get started quickly with a simple keyword search across the whole Vable database. Build sophisticated searches with Vable’s easy-to-use field searches. Perfect your search by applying language, location, industry, and hot topic filters. 

Meet Exact Needs

Advanced searching takes your results to the next level. Create Boolean searches and combine them with custom taxonomies, enhanced by natural language processing (NLP), to enable you to create topics and alerts that meet your users' exact needs.

Employ Your Expertise

Create custom filters to reuse in different searches. Filter out irrelevant results using your specialist knowledge. Create sophisticated, yet transparent searches, and be reassured that your results will never be skewed by search bias.

Top Features

Custom Taxonomies
NLP Powered by IBM Watson
Boolean Searching
Advanced Search Operators
Case Sensitive Searching
Cloning of Searches

Top Use Cases

Monitoring Specific Companies
Creating Sector Alerts
Competitor Intelligence
Horizon Scanning
Internal Knowledge Sharing

Deliver timely and relevant content to your users

Respond to User Needs

Create and publish automated news alerts to your users. They will publish exactly when you want, with the content that your colleagues need. 

Be in Full Control of Your Newsletters

Provide your users with handpicked, targeted, and actionable newsletter content. Emphasize key articles, upload supplementary content, create headings, and add full text for bespoke current awareness. 

Empower Your End Users

MyVable is an add-on self-service product, enabling end users to discover and subscribe to resources created and managed by knowledge experts.

Top Features

Automated Alerts
Manually Curated Newsletters
Custom Branded Email Templates 
Live Updates With MyVable

Top Platforms for Integration


Manage users more efficiently

Streamline User Processes 

Assign your users and administrators the appropriate role and permissions so they can effectively collaborate with the rest of the team. Create groups of users to easily subscribe whole practice areas or teams to alerts.

Integrate With Other Systems

Automate your user profile management by connecting Vable with your company's Active Directory. Users and groups can be synchronized to ensure user details are updated seamlessly within the platform while automatically deactivating users who have left your organization.

Provide Seamless User Access

Remove the need for usernames and passwords with Single Sign-On (SSO), allowing administrators to securely log into Vable with a click. Organizations utilizing ResearchHub or Onelog mobile applications will benefit from integrations with these services as well.


→ Azure
→ Okta
→ ResearchHub
→ Onelog
→ Single Sign-On

Become more data-driven

Analyze in Detail 

Compile reports organized by alert, topic, source, publisher, article, or user. Access and export statistics in a way that suits you. See everything with an 'at-a-glance' overview, or export all your data into a spreadsheet for detailed analysis.

Demonstrate Value at Budget Time

View statistics on all newsletters and alerts to allow consistent, data-driven decisions when measuring the return on investment of expensive subscriptions.  


Top Features

Republish Functionality
Audit Log
Publish Report
Activity Report
Subscription History

Top Use Cases

Annual & Monthly Reports
Budget Setting
Subscription Renewals
Trending Topics

We've got your back - every step of the way

Because you shouldn't have to figure it out on your own.

Our Client Success team is renowned for its incredible assistance, ensuring smooth integration and continuous support. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sources does Vable monitor?

Vable currently monitors over 24,000 public and paywalled sources. However, if the source you want isn’t in the Vable platform, you can easily add it. It is important to us that you have control over the sources that feed into your newsletters because you need them to be relevant and trustworthy.

What analytics does Vable InfoPro provide?

Vable InfoPro’s Activity Reports give administrators insight into the engagement users have with content, in a simple, easy-to-read format. The data can be viewed by user, publisher, topic, source, article, access type, or newsletter/alert. Additionally, reports can be exported and integrated with powerful visualization tools. 

Does Vable InfoPro integrate with other platforms?

Yes! We connect with various publisher APIs so you can get the content you need. To help you streamline your user management and access, we integrate with password management systems, Active Directory, and Single Sign On. Other popular systems for integration are HighQ and Sharepoint.

Do you offer a managed service?

Yes! We appreciate that not every organization has an in-house knowledge and information team. Therefore, for clients with limited time and resources, we offer a managed service option to help them create the most efficient content strategy.

What is your pricing model?

We have a per-user pricing model. This way clients enjoy equal standards of functionality and support and pricing is based solely on the number of their users. However, we remain flexible and are happy to discuss alternatives when your needs require another approach.

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