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Adding the right content to your current awareness platform

In my previous post on legal tech sources I enjoyed demonstrating what I want to explain in this post. A recent Jinfo webinar got me thinking about the question of “How do you get relevant external content into your intelligence platform?” In short, the answer was ‘ask your information person’.

Team Vable get asked about content all the time; some questions are technology based and fairly clear-cut. But source assessment requires a certain level of specialist knowledge. Not only do you have to have an excellent understanding of your organisation’s underlying business goals, but also you will need to know which sources are relevant to their information needs.

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Trickle, Torrent, Flood? Directing the information flow

Working directly with news content can feel overwhelming due to the sheer quantity of information. As such, two recent (unrelated) conversations struck a chord when they imagined the abstract concept of information flow using ‘firefighting’ imagery*. Here I revisit some ideas about how information people - and content providers - act as intermediaries to help their end-users avoid the information deluge.

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What if we thought of information as food?

To succeed in life, in fact to simply live, we need food to fuel our bodies. This food must be of sufficient quality and contain the right nutrients to nourish us appropriately and efficiently. Information works in a similar way - it needs to be prepared properly in order to fuel our businesses. So, what if we thought of information as food? In a 2012 TED talk, Technologist and Deutsche Bank’s Chief Data Officer JP Rangaswami1 posited just that.

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Deep Web, deep insights - why you need a librarian

Last week I attended a fascinating webinar from the team at LibSource, exploring the theme of the deep web and its importance to Librarians (you can view the full recording here1). It struck me throughout how key a Librarian is in order to reap the full potential of the deep web for your organisation, and so it seemed only natural to recap the session on the Vable blog.

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Fake News - A golden opportunity for your library

Recent global events have generated an influx of discussions surrounding the issue of fake news and the impact it can have upon those who fall into the trap of treating it as a reliable information source.

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3 key takeaways from the London Taxonomy Bootcamp Conference

Last week I had the opportunity to be a delegate at the first ever Taxonomy Bootcamp to take place in Europe. Drawing on the success of the event in the U.S. over the last decade, organisers brought regarded taxonomists from around the world to London to share knowledge, cocktails and cake with peers from the taxonomy community. The event took place on the 18th and 19th of October at the Olympia Conference Centre in Hammersmith, West London.

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The evolution of content curation: A librarian’s guide

Every minute, Google receives over 4,000,000 search queries, and email users send 204,000,000 messages. To say that we are living in an age of information overload where we are bombarded by white noise is, quite frankly, an understatement - but I’m sure you’ve heard all that before. What we’re more concerned about here is the evolution of content curation to enable Librarians to rise above this sea of information.

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5 ways to supercharge your lawyers through content

We’ve heard it time and time again, we are living in an information age. Never before have we had so much information available to us, and so many different ways by which to consume it. Subsequently, the need to filter out the white noise has never been more relevant nor essential.

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Free ebook: Striking the balance between Content Curation and Automation

We are living in a knowledge economy. In an increasingly competitive industry, the one true differentiator left between law firms today is knowledge. What one lawyer knows over another could be the deciding factor over who wins the case.

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Information Specialists’ biggest blunder with paid content

We all know that in today’s society you get what you pay for. The more you pay, the better quality of product you tend to get, or at least one would expect so. Paying for content provides your end users with information and intelligence that free resources quite simply don’t cover - predictive intelligence, up to the minute legal developments, and high quality insights to name but a few. This we know.

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