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Streamline your current awareness migration with our flexible template plan

Template migration project plan

You've decided to migrate to a new and improved current awareness platform. Where do you start? A migration project is a substantial investment in terms of time, resources, and expenditure. To ensure your project’s success, we have leveraged our experience to create a template project plan for you.

This document will help you overcome the migration hurdle with practical advice and a sample migration project plan. This template aims to:

  • Provide more insight and detail into the planning process, as outlined in the Vable Migration Made Easy guide.
  • Offer messaging ideas to engage your end users during your current awareness solution rollout.
  • Be flexible and adaptable for any software rollout requiring a migration plan.

When Should You Start Planning?

Our plan is designed to be flexible because only you know your project variables! You can use this to roll out the solution in phases or all at once. We made several assumptions to get started, but you can adjust the plan to fit your circumstances.

  • Your chosen software has been approved. You’ve already met your success criteria and had a positive trial experience.
  • You have a timeline and a clear end date. If your existing solution is still running, the contract’s notice period will help structure your plan.
  • You have set aside time to make this happen.  We recommend that you “do set realistic expectations” and “do be clear on who, what, how.”

What Does Our Template Plan Look Like?

This template is divided into four sections: scoping, preparation, creation, and communication.

  • Scoping: Clarify your aims and objectives, define your scope, and build your team. If you have a small team or are working alone, contact Vable to discuss your options.
  • Preparation: Research and preparation are crucial. Work with your vendor and use their training and advice. Begin your audit, categorise your alerts, and design your label/taxonomy systems. Document your processes.
  • Creation: Start creating your alerts and newsletters. Prioritize and sort them during your audit; begin with the simpler ones. Once comfortable with the workflow, move on to the more complex newsletters.
  • Communication: Effective communication is essential. Leverage your relationships and build trust. Review the content in your topics and alerts with your end users. Showcase your progress and generate excitement about your project. This is an exciting opportunity!

Need more guidance? Explore our migration resources:

  • Webinars: Our webinars provide an audio-visual migration roadmap, from overcoming blockers and initial planning to execution and post-migration optimization. Watch our webinar shorts!
  • Case Study: Vable enjoys sharing client success stories. Lisa Paul and her team at Ashurst Australia recently migrated to Vable and shared their journey. Read and learn from their experience.
  • Guide: For a more theoretical and detailed approach to migrations, the Vable guide is available. It includes information on success criteria, planning approaches, industry voices, and helpful do's and don'ts. Read and enjoy!

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