Current Awareness Migration Plan Template

You've decided to migrate to a new and improved current awareness platform. Where do you start? This document is designed to get you over the migration hurdle with advice and a sample migration project plan.

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This template (with commentary) aims to:

Contents to the template migration plan

More about the template

Vable has always believed library and information professionals need business management skills, as well as the traditional information "superpowers"! Creating convincing and professional strategy documents is essential to guarantee the future success of your service. But you also need to know how to put together a detailed plan. 

A migration project is a substantial investment in terms of time, resources, and expenditure. We want your project to succeed, so we have taken our experience and created a template project plan for you. This template is split into four sections - scoping, preparation, creation, and communication. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to adapt Vable’s migration plan template for other initiatives?

The template we have put together is designed to take you through the process of migrating from one current awareness solution to another. However, you can use it for any library and information service project. Simply adapt the template to your needs and make it your own.

Is it possible to use this template plan for a phased rollout?

Absolutely. You can use this template to achieve your current awareness goals. This could be a simple proof of concept, a single department, or a group of super users. Add the detail, generate a timeline and communicate all of this to your team, and you are ready to go!

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