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Libraries in the 22nd Century

Much of the reporting on the future of libraries discusses the rise of digital content, shrinking budgets, and the need for librarians to expand their roles, especially in the research process. Indeed, we have seen all of these scenarios unfolding for the past 20 years. Libraries developed makerspaces, embedded librarians, collaborative spaces, access to digital collections, but what’s coming for the library for the next century?

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How to Join the (Library) Community on Twitter

I have two goals for this blog post, dear reader: to persuade librarians who are already tweeting to join a community using #iamalibrarian and to persuade librarians who are not on Twitter to at least read the tweets ofthis community.

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Knowledge Management: One path to a thriving law library

For lawyers as for everyone, information is more readily available than ever before. But it has also never been more difficult to locate that one vital piece of information that will transform a lawyer’s interaction with their client.

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A message from Janders Dean 2013 – Change is upon us

Alice Anderson, Librarian at Lander & Rogers, has written for us before about her conference experience. (and, more specifically. a presentation she gave on Linex). In September of this year she attended the Janders Dean Knowledge and Innovation Conference, and shares the highlights of her experience here.

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One year with Linex - a client's view

Thank you Jim Shelar for this recap of your first year as a Linex client.

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Combined Current Awareness - Prezi Link

The Australian Law Librarians' Association (ALLA) Conference 2012 took place a few weeks ago - you may recall we mentioned in particular a presentaion on Combined Alerts in which the Linex product was mentioned. Gathering from the feedback I have heard, Alice Anderson and Robin Gardner ran a lively and interesting session, and congratulations to them.

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The Magical Law Library Staff

Guest post - by a UK Law Firm Librarian

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