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From Old to Gold: The technological alchemy of software migration

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You've made your software choice and are planning your migration. Where do you begin? Discover essential strategies in Vable’s latest webinar short, "From Old to Gold: The Technological Alchemy of Software Migration", where I share practical hints and tips about current awareness platform migrations.

Following Vable's previous session on overcoming common migration blockers, this new instalment focuses on the actual migration process. I break down each stage into actionable segments, discussing tools and techniques that can help deliver the best newsletters and alerts to your end users.

Enhanced capability is the goal of any new system

Once you have chosen to migrate, everything you do now prepares the groundwork for future current awareness success. The primary goal of any software migration isn't merely to replicate an old system on a new platform. This is why it is more than just moving data; it’s about communication. 

Since content and information management are central to our operations, it’s crucial to organise your current awareness initiatives from the outset. You need to consider your current needs but think about future requirements. These are crucial first steps in paving the way for a successful migration and it helps if you have some kind of project management tool to help you get organised. 

Making use of project management tools

How do you ensure you meet critical deadlines, such as a contract end date? Tools like Monday, Trello, and Jira are indispensable for task management and team collaboration, which are essential for timely and effective migrations.

Establish clear milestones to stay on track and clearly define your goals—are you aiming to streamline workflow or enhance user engagement? By mapping out essential tasks, you can remain adaptable and responsive to any unforeseen challenges. Additionally, always ensure that your project aligns with the broader objectives of your organization

Preparation for future current awareness success

Investment in the future starts now.

  • Have you thoroughly audited your existing content - you need to be in contact with your end users?
  • Have you checked your content? 
  • Have you set up your Inbox emails?
  • Have you established a robust taxonomy and labelling structure?
  • Have you made plans for rollout?
  • Do you know what you want your newsletters to look like?

This webinar provides a roadmap from the initial planning stage to execution and post-migration optimisation. If you're ready to take your software migration project to the next level, download our webinar short and discover how to transform your current awareness landscape.


enjoy our new webinar short - watch it now!


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