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How much would you sell your library card for?

I was reading through my #BIALL2019 notes and decided to amalgamate two related sets. The first is the excellent “Designing Client-centred Knowledge Services” by Sophie Thompson. The second is the case study on “Contingent Valuation Surveys” presented by the Middle Temple Library team. Both offered practical insights into providing - and improving - excellent library services.

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Budget Planning: It's not just about figures

March 31st is upon us, and this has prompted us to think about budgets. Even if your annual library budget for next year is already written in stone, it’s worth reflecting on your budget - and the process you use to plan your budget - now, while the experience is fresh.

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What management skills do you need to run a library?

Most professional jobs require at least an element of management, and being a librarian is no exception. Yet, according to Ken Haycock, few beginning Library and Information Science students will say they want to be managers or leaders in the field. What’s more, many LIS graduates also complain1 that they lacked training and education in management during their studies, while others say2 that management modules that were offered but they were not required. So what training would LIS students need to feel qualified to be library managers?

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It’s time to recalculate your library’s ROI. Here's how:

You might think that you shouldn’t still need to make a case for your continued existence, and I understand your frustration. However, there’s an ongoing problem across industries of people not understanding what exactly Knowledge Management professionals do.

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How to develop a budget that you and your organisation can live with

Putting together your library budget can be a daunting task to say the least. With few Librarians coming from a business background, it’s all too easy to feel out of your depth. Yet, a strong budget is an integral part of running a successful and productive library service. Organisations today need a highly detailed and accurate budget from all of their departments. Our Head of Marketing, Nico Watson, went along to a fantastic session from Marcia Burris, Senior Consultant at HBR Consulting, and Carissa J. Vogel, Associate Dean for Library Services at Yeshiva University, last week at #AALL2017 “How to Develop a Budget That You and Your Organisation Can Live with - and Still Achieve Your Strategic Goals”. This is what he learnt.

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4 business practices to freshen up your library strategy

For Librarians and Information Specialists, efficiency is absolutely paramount. Budget cuts (that I’m sure we’re all tired of hearing about by now) combined with a lack of understanding of the work and value of the library by decision makers only exasperates this.

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AALL 2016 - Promoting the value of technical services at budget time

Mid-July can only mean one thing - time for AALL! Last week saw 1400 Law Librarians descend on my former home of Chicago for 2016’s American Association of Law Librarians Conference. With such a packed sessions program and a busy booth, choosing which talk to attend was a challenge enough in itself but a happy one to have. Over the coming weeks we’ll be bringing you our recaps and reviews, featuring the best of AALL, meaning that even if you couldn’t make it to Chicago you won’t miss out (too much).

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Negotiate to get yourself (and your library) ahead

Librarians are facing an explosion of new technology resources, leading to pressure to move away from traditional operation practices into a fresh wave of innovation, all coupled with tighter budgets and financial pressures. To quote Maria Collins, in her foreword to The Librarian’s Guide to Negotiation: “This constant flux within the library environment makes it ripe for negotiation. With each negotiation, a Librarian gains an opportunity to influence change”.

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The revenue-generating library

Mark Gediman had a recent post on Three Geeks and a Law Blog, which continues a conversation he started some time ago.

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From the KnowledgeCore blog at, an example calculation of the return on investment from Knowledge Management.

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