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Review of Vable Inbox - by Jinfo

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Vable Inbox was reviewed by Jinfo. This is the most thorough review yet of our centralised email auto-forward solution, where Jinfo praises the efficiency and time-saving this platform brings to information departments. 

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Review of Vable Inbox

Vable Inbox centralises all email subscriptions, giving information managers a clear overview of all subscription emails and alerts. According to Jinfo, Vable Inbox allows information workers to keep "hundreds of employees informed with content that is pertinent to them specifically while reducing the 'white noise', redundancy and content overload".

For over 20 years, Jinfo has helped information professionals turn evolution in information sources and technology into practical actions. Their October 2018 research focus 'Intelligence systems - beyond awareness to action' is designed to provide tools, research and original data to evaluate reader's current awareness provision, and plot where they are in the movement towards intelligence systems. 

We are very happy that Jinfo highlighted the value of the human expert in the Vable Inbox solution:

The presence of this type of email management platform also helps to highlight the valuable role of an information manager or librarian as someone within an organisation who can analyse and redirect only the most authoritative and pertinent information

Improve ROI on your subscriptions

Another key value of this product is the usage reporting. Simple insights, such as click rates, help information managers understand the reading actions of end-users. Knowing how end-users are interacting with email content empowers information professionals to make data-driven decisions. Such as knowing which email subscriptions are worth their money. Such feedback is, according to Jinfo, "invaluable".

Thanks Jinfo! Please click here to read the full review.

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