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Are you taking advantage of innovative solutions to take control of your current awareness?

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Your clients are driving legal tech disruption and development. Are you with them? In an increasingly competitive landscape, law firms must maintain exceptional client service levels while proving they offer excellent value for money. The only way they can do this is by automating repetitive tasks, implementing scaleable processes and workflows, and freeing up valuable resources for other business-critical tasks.

According to the recent Passle Global Counsel Survey, 100% of GCs felt that law firms had a responsibility to keep clients and prospects informed about news and developments. Staying up to date with the latest news and trends is time-consuming with 77% of survey respondents indicating they spent more than the equivalent of a working day. These figures are astounding.

Time, cost, scalability: The pains of current awareness provision

Consider what information you make available to your clients and start asking yourself (and your information teams) some important questions. You understand the importance of staying on top of legislative developments, client and competitive intelligence and current affairs, but getting the right news alerts to the right readership is time-consuming and resource-heavy.

  • Are your client alerts fit for purpose? (Time saving and addictive!)
  • How do you streamline the newsletter process and make it cost-effective?
  • How can you reduce how much time your clients spend on staying current?
  • How can you reduce how much time YOU spend on staying current?
  • Do you know if your own firm’s news monitoring has evolved?

To truly make your offering SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound), innovative content aggregation tools are needed to control your firm’s information agenda and enable you to stay ahead of the curve. This is where Vable can help - and you can start answering all those questions. 

Your partner to transform your current awareness

Vable is a top-tier content aggregation platform that boasts an extensive background in collaborating with and gaining insights from our partners in the legal sector. Our SaaS cloud-based technology seamlessly blends with your firm's resources, merging the capabilities of our intelligent software with the skills of your knowledge and information departments. 

With Vable, you get more than a current awareness platform; your knowledge and information team gain access to a suite of innovative solutions that can unlock new opportunities for your firm. We transform how you manage and share current awareness information, paving the way for strategic client communications and more focused business development initiatives.

Collaboration lies at the heart of Vable's functionality. Our platform allows you to work seamlessly with your colleagues and clients, fostering increased visibility and self-reliance. Vable empowers all teams within the firm to take control of their information consumption and collaborate more effectively.

A central feature of the platform is MyVable. This invaluable add-on enables lawyers and other legal professionals to discover and subscribe to resources curated and managed by their knowledge and information experts. With this feature, Vable offers a more efficient and personalized approach to consuming content, tailoring the user experience to fit the needs of each individual.

Innovative technology like Vable is so much more than a cost-saving strategy

Innovative technology like Vable is so much more than a cost-saving strategy; it's a means of delivering added value to your clients and any other interested parties. Differentiation in the crowded legal marketplace is paramount, and what better way to stand out than through expertly curated current awareness? 

How can you make your clients happy and fulfil your responsibilities? Take the initiative and adopt a proactive approach to current awareness. Clients need their advisors to be one step ahead of them; to be aware of potential regulatory pitfalls, changes to the business landscape, technological developments, and many other matters which affect the client’s industry.

Newsletters and alerts are an excellent way of keeping everyone up to date. Using a current awareness aggregator like Vable, you can create insightful newsletters, consolidating and presenting vital information in an easily digestible format. We've put together a  guide that demonstrates how you can leverage Vable to create engaging newsletters that add value to your clients and differentiate your firm from the competition.

Let's unlock the power of current awareness

Content curation is crucial in this regard, enabling you to present the most relevant and valuable content to your clients. Vable helps you accomplish this by aggregating and organizing content from a vast array of sources, driving success through effective content curation delivered directly to a client end-user portal.

Take your current awareness strategy to the next level with Vable. Leverage our technology to streamline your information management, save time, and empower your legal professionals. Let's unlock the power of current awareness today.

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