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5 fresh ideas for Information Professionals to continue with professional development

In an environment so fast-paced as the information sector it’s all too easy to get caught up in your day-to-day, leaving little time to focus on your own professional development. For Information Professionals, the value and importance of information sharing is clear - so be sure to do it for yourself too!

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The changing library: from a physical space to a service

Recent years have seen a gradual metamorphosis of the traditional library space as print goes out of fashion, the digital age has made global teams a possibility, and changes in working methods take the Librarian into a new physical sphere. But, what does it really mean? And how is it impacting upon the typical library space we have grown to love? Can a library exist without books?

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How to get your lawyers to admit that they don’t always know

None of us like to admit that we don’t know the answer to something. Yet, it can be incredibly frustrating (and, at times, a great hindrance) when others also fail to do so. In the professions, where the entire sector has been built upon the concept of knowing what your clients do not, the propensity to not admit your lack of knowledge is even higher. (1)

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4 Business Practices to Freshen Up Your Library Strategy

For Librarians and Information Specialists, efficiency is absolutely paramount. Budget cuts (that I’m sure we’re all tired of hearing about by now) combined with a lack of understanding of the work and value of the library by decision makers only exasperates this.

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Are Librarians becoming Data Analysts?

We all know that to succeed at work one must be constantly innovating - keeping up with the latest technologies, aware of the freshest trends, and looking forward to what might be coming in the future. If we are not innovating we are stagnating.

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The Essential Guide To Managing a Distributed Library Team

As technologies develop further, transport links make our world seem smaller and global business transactions become the norm, we are seeing more and more dispersed and distributed teams come into being. Writing for AALL, Doug Southard speaks of fifteen Researchers, located in nine different offices across four different countries at law firm WilmerHale, showing just how geographies and time differences seem to no longer be a boundary when it comes to international business.

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AALL 2016 - “Disruptunity”: The Legal Research Revolution is Now!

For us, AALL drew to a close with a discussion between two prominent leaders in the Law Librarian community - Jean O’Grady, Senior Director of Research & Knowledge Services at DLA Piper LLP and founder of Dewey B Strategic, and John DiGilio, Senior Director of Research & Intelligence at LibSource and founder of On Firmer Ground. Up for discussion was the subject of “disruptunity” and the legal research revolution - a more topical theme there cannot be.

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AALL 2016 - Promoting the Value of Technical Services at Budget Time

Mid-July can only mean one thing - time for AALL! Last week saw 1400 Law Librarians descend on my former home of Chicago for 2016’s American Association of Law Librarians Conference. With such a packed sessions program and a busy booth, choosing which talk to attend was a challenge enough in itself but a happy one to have. Over the coming weeks we’ll be bringing you our recaps and reviews, featuring the best of AALL, meaning that even if you couldn’t make it to Chicago you won’t miss out (too much).

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Explore Chicago Like a Local for AALL

On the banks of Lake Michigan sits the windy city, home to Barack Obama, Harrison Ford and, for a weekend this July, a lot of Librarians. Renowned for its food and architecture, Chicago plays host to this year’s American Association of Law Libraries Conference, taking place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Our very own Marketing Manager Nico Watson lived in Chicago for six years, so we sat down and grilled him for all his local tips to give you your best AALL experience yet.

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The Evolution of Content Curation: A Librarian’s Guide

Every minute, Google receives over 4,000,000 search queries, and email users send 204,000,000 messages. To say that we are living in an age of information overload where we are bombarded by white noise is, quite frankly, an understatement - but I’m sure you’ve heard all that before. What we’re more concerned about here is the evolution of content curation to enable Librarians to rise above this sea of information.

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