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Vable featured in LAC Group’s latest Current Awareness Platform Report

Team Vable is proud to have had our suite of products - Vable InfoPro, Vable Inbox and MyVable - included once again in the LAC Group's Report (Jan 2021), where they compared Vable’s current awareness platform with four other technology platforms on the market.

Everything you need to know about Vable inbox

"Nothing but the relevant content"

LAC Group explored five products in this space a few years ago and published a report, "Nothing but the relevant content". Their intention, as always, is to assist library and information teams with the product evaluation process. They are also looking to help people who were not immediately aware of current awareness and media monitoring platforms. For consistency, they evaluated the same five products in this updated report.

This 2021 report intends to highlight new developments within this market space. Technology has changed the face of this market in recent years and platforms like Vable have taken full advantage of what is now possible. Here are some highlights from the report. 

Putting the end-user in control of their current awareness

MyVable was introduced in 2020 as a user-friendly dashboard solution. This has the potential for alternative revenue generation, for instance, law firm information teams could deliver a managed current awareness service to in-house legal departments or  other key clients. MyVable enables email and social sharing of articles with one click, and it is a “must have” feature for both information and business development teams.

Enabling the information team to take control of current awareness delivery

Vable empowers knowledge and information teams to take control of all aspects of information aggregation, curation and delivery. It is the only current awareness aggregation platform designed with information professionals, knowledge and subject specialists in mind. As a SaaS solution, the infrastructure enables on-demand access to the platform through an online portal—allowing end-users to work from anywhere.

A combination of natural language processing (NLP) and human intervention populates multiple search filters across industries, subject, company, language, and geography. Information professionals can build precise Topics with searches to suit end-users. Use a simple keyword search, single source, or combine a collection of complex boolean searches.

The Vable Administrator platform has a fresh new look with expanded functionality and UX improvements. The new interface allows easier management of the platform and expands the functionality with even greater speed in the future. Having a 360 degree visibility of who, how, what and when is key to making the right decisions.

In addition to all of the above, throughout 2020, the Vable development team ensured that the platform integrates with Research Monitor, Okta, HighQ, Azure, and SharePoint. Vable is working with a number of publishers on behalf of clients to get APIs feeding directly into the platform.

Greater availability of specific solutions to meet the needs of different industries and user groups

The founder has a legal background and this can be seen with easy linking to some of the legal databases. While Vable’s clients are largely legal, other industries are represented; from financial and government to education and health. Any organisation can use the platform to gather and analyse information about industries, the broader business and regulatory environment, as well as monitor competitors.

The contents of this updated report, as well as all the extra hints, tips and reminders will prove useful to decision makers involved in the procurement of current awareness, intelligence systems and media monitoring platforms. Thanks, LAC!

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