News Aggregation

Vable Inbox

Take control by directing all incoming email alerts through your Vable Inbox. Centrally manage all subscriptions, track usage, and measure return on investment. 

Vable Inbox

Subscription management

Consolidate and centralize all email subscriptions. Create forwarding rules, and extract content from emails to use in current awareness alerts. 

Manage access rights

Do you have limited user licences for certain alerts?  Apply restrictions to your email rules to determine who can subscribe to the emails within Vable. 

Tracking & Reporting

Vable tracks email opens and click-throughs on links within emails. This ensures consistent, data-driven decisions when gauging the ROI of expensive subscriptions.

Extract and index email content

Set up rules to extract content and attachments from your incoming emails. Vable combines and indexes content from multiple emails into accessible Topics. 

Integrates with 3rd party tools

Are you using Research Hub or Onelog for mobile password management and reporting? If so, Vable Inbox integrates seamlessly with those services.

Collaborate with colleagues

Collaborate across teams, departments and offices. Vable ensures everyone has access to relevant emails for improved knowledge management and greater visibility.

Make the most of your email subscriptions

Vable Inbox gives you the power to not only automate forwarding of emails to end-users, but extract the email's content and use in a variety of ways.


"Vable is content agnostic so it’s easy to pull in multiple content streams from a huge variety of sources including email." 

Fiona Fogden
Reed Smith

Loved by information teams large & small

“I love that it enables you to pull in third party alerts and organise these alongside your news alerts. Being able to track official and government sources is also a boon.”

Fiona Fogden, EMEA Library Manager
Reed Smith

"Having Vable frees up our time. You can focus more on the added value and the system takes care of the day to day team tasks and activities."

Anh Tran, Senior Knowledge Manager
UK Health Security Agency

"Vable is a fantastic solution. Because the alerts are targeted, the information in them is more relevant and useful for isolating potential opportunities."

Tim Hennies
Director of Library Services, Dinsmore

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