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Designed with simplicity in mind. A self-service option which empowers your end-users to subscribe themselves to a range of newsletters, as well as create personal alerts from available topics. Flexible, simple, relevant. 

MyVable self service portal

Empower your end-users

Let your end-users take back control of their current awareness with MyVable. Make it available internally, or externally to clients. Your choice. >>Find out how to involve everyone in BD

At-a-glance dashboards

End-users can collaborate with shared dashboards using Sharepoint and HighQ Collaborate; or they can create individual dashboards with topics relevant to their interests. 

Content for social sharing

Sharing quality content with clients and colleagues builds community and visibility. Email and social sharing functionality makes it easy for end-users to share articles with anyone.  

Simplicity is best

A clean layout and simple interface means that self service is self explanatory. With minimal effort, your end-users can be up and running quickly. 

Tracking & Reporting

Track and monitor all user activity. This ensures consistent, data-driven decisions when gauging return on investment of expensive subscriptions. >>Find out more about ROI

Discover actionable content

Information specialists have expertly crafted topics and newsletters for end-users to discover. Collaborate with colleagues and clients for the ultimate current awareness experience. 

"Using Vable has transformed our ability to share key business content efficiently across our business and beyond."

Catherine Cadman
Head of Group Knowledge, Bedell Cristin

Loved by information teams large & small

"Vable brings our network of lawyers closer together through collaboration and knowledge sharing"

Sunaina Arshad
Technology and Innovation Product Manager, Lex Mundi

"Having Vable frees up our time. You can focus more on the added value and the system takes care of the day to day team tasks and activities."

Anh Tran, Senior Knowledge Manager
UK Health Security Agency

"Without Vable, aggregating information from all the different legal sources would take too much time for a typical hard-pressed fund manager."

Mark Wolff
Director of Finance and Operations, LGB

See Vable in action

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