Vable is content agnostic

We do our best to ensure clients have access to content from all their online publications and digital sources, whether public or subscription.  

Source Management

Monitoring 1000's of online sources

Thanks to the crowd-sourcing efforts of hundreds of information professionals, we maintain an extensive library of public and paywalled websites and feeds. This contains a wide variety of foreign language sources. But if we don't have the feed you need, you can easily add it.

Government & Regulatory

Stay on top of the latest announcements, consultation papers, guidance, notices and circulars from government departments and regulatory bodies from over 30 countries.

Legal Sources

Track all primary and secondary legislation, codified laws, and regulations from around the world. Be the first to read new case law, and keep up to date with quality legal commentary. 

Know Your Clients

Monitor the company websites of your clients to stay informed about their successes, awards and new business. Read press releases and investor relations announcements as soon as they are published.  

Know Your Competitors

Follow your competitors to see what's new in their business. Set up alerts to aggregate all publicly available online information and never miss a press release again. 

Professional Services

Access the latest publications, alerts and white papers from leading law firms, accountancy, tech companies and consultancies from around the world.

Social Media

Connect with thought-leaders and be the first to hear what they say - and be able to join the conversation. Aggregate all information from valuable blogs and Twitter accounts.

Integrations with Publisher APIs

At the request of clients, Vable has connected with the APIs of various 3rd party publishers.
Please get in touch if you have an integration request.

Are you a Publisher?

Are you a professional services firm or a premium news publisher and you want to make your content available to our client base?