Admin & Reporting

Reports and Analytics

Understanding how content is being consumed by your end-users is the first step in improving your alerts, newsletters, and knowledge sharing throughout your organization.

Creating reports and analysing statistics

Track user activity

Track and monitor all user activity and click-throughs. This ensures consistent, data-driven decisions when gauging return on investment of expensive subscriptions.

Analytics for everything

Vable provides statistics on all newsletters, alerts and clicks. Compile reports organised by search, article, topic, source, publisher, or user. 

Flexible data delivery

Access and export statistics in a way that suits you. See everything with an  'at-a-glance' overview, or export all your data into a spreadsheet for detailed analysis.

"It’s simple, it’s smart, and it’s powerful. We were extremely impressed with how flexible and dynamic the Vable team have been, implementing new features on the fly and expanding the scope of your system really quickly."

Loved by information teams large & small

"Vable has transformed the way we work, giving us back control. It allows us to take more time curating rather than compiling/formatting"

Helena Marshall
Researcher at Watson, Farley & Williams

"Without Vable, aggregating information from all the different legal sources would take too much time for a typical hard-pressed fund manager."

Mark Wolff
Director of Finance and Operations, LGB

"Having Vable frees up our time. You can focus more on the added value and the system takes care of the day to day team tasks and activities."

Anh Tran, Senior Knowledge Manager
Public Health England

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