Blogs that discuss the challenges facing the library and information profession

Who to read in the library and information blogosphere

May 8, 2019
Clare Brown

Keeping up to date with library and information colleagues has never been easier. Everyday I find a new blog to read and it enriches my professional life to know that ideas, concerns, passions are shared. As part of this sharing experience, here are some blogs that I read regularly. (Updated 8th May in response to Twitter conversations.


Personal Librarian Blogs

Dewey B Strategic - The sub-title of this blog is 'Risk, value, strategy, innovation, knowledge and the legal profession' and these are topics which obsess me in the course of my daily work life. She can always be relied upon for key tech news in the legal industry.

DILON - This fantastic, thought-provoking blog appeared in my Inspiring Women post but it needed adding here too!

Elizabeth Hutchinson - Elizabeth works to improve libraries in education. She does this through extensive conference speaking, and some of the best blog posts I’ve read in a long time.

Ginger Law Librarian - Jamie J Baker brings together ideas about publishers/vendor relationships, legal research in academia, and practical issues around AI.

INALJ: Information professionals finding & sharing jobs & job hunting advice! Some really insightful interviews here. 

Infopro Tasha - I love Tasha’s honesty and refusal to compromise. We all face professional challenges but some people are actually willing to speak out. I read every post and always learn something from her - most recently were her thoughts on library pals! I look forward to her return in May.

Blogs that discuss the challenges facing the library and information professionImage by

Mr Library Dude - His passion shines out of this blog and it's a pleasure to read. I’m also interested in libraries as third spaces, so his insights were enjoyable. Although a few years old, his class outline in Buzzfeed & Facebook in Infolit Sessions: Connecting What Students Use to Library Research was fascinating; from pop psychology to real science in one infolit class!

Librarian.Net - I am happy to include this blog because of the 'Ask a librarian' series, and Jessamyn's willingness to get out there and talk to people. I think we get so used to being online that we lose the importance of speaking.  

Librarian Boy - This is a late arrival to the list! He gives a Canadian legal information overview which is helpful if you want to keep up with other jurisdictional developments.

Ned Potter - A librarian in communications! Not only does he have an academic day job, but he works with non-profit organisations on improving communications within the profession.  The post on campaigns particularly resonated.

Queeries & Clareification - Inclusivity is central to our work in libraries and information; no questions, no assumptions, no judgement. It is essential that every voice is heard and listened to, so we must take care to educate ourselves. The list of resources on this blog have expanded my horizons.

Rookie Almost Librarian - Getting a degree of any kind is hard work, and library and information studies is a challenge. For those of us in the workplace, it is useful to know what is going on in universities to see what further on-the-job training/mentoring will be required. 

Teen Librarian - Teen Librarian is a blog about school and public libraries, with content focused on working with teens. Matt Imrie who runs it, is one of my tweeting librarian heroes. I enjoyed the mug joke post - more healthy than a bowl of sweets at reception!

The Wheeled Librarian - This is my most recent find and I look forward to reading more of her posts as she publishes them. One to watch!

Sarah Wolfenden - I like Sarah’s balanced mix of reflections on wellbeing, mentoring and coaching. As she says, this blog was originally set up in June 2011 as part of CPD23 (a professional development programme). It is a a place where she helps people in the education sector find ways to develop their practice. A blog develops with your interests and I’m glad she remains active.

Super Library Marketing - Marketing for information professionals can be a challenge but this blog brings together some great ideas.

The Wonky Librarian - Sub-titled ‘The brain fluff of a bibliophile’, this quirky blog has an eclectic quality which I really enjoy. I look forward to reading more stories that bring the library user to life!


Collaborative Blogs 

Geek Law Blog - This one is a daily ‘go-to’ for what is going on in the world of tech, knowledge,  and information management. The authors are all experts and have their fingers on the legal tech pulse.  

In the Library with the Leadpipe - This probably shouldn’t be classified as a blog as it is an open access peer reviewed online journal. But sometimes you need a longer read to really appreciate an academic take on library and information issues. This fulfils that requirement and it’s a recent addition to my reading list.

Library Writing - We need to get out there and share best practice. One way of doing this is to speak at a conference. This blog has calls for papers and links to all the library and information related events going on around the world.

Lib Focus - This is an Irish library blog which is excellent for catching up with conference notes.

Prism Legal - I make no apology for the legal bias in this list. There are many legal tech blogs which I read on a daily basis and this is one of the better ones.

RIPS Law Librarian - This is published by the Research, Instruction, and Patron Services Special Interest Section (RIPS-SIS) of the American Association of Law Libraries. As an organisational blog it breaks my rule for inclusion here but the contributors are all outstanding thought-leaders so definitely one for regular reading.

The nature of the work done by library and information people means that it doesn’t matter if we work in different fields or subject areas. Although we all have different strengths and experience, we can apply good ideas from the commercial sector to schools libraries; from public libraries to health information. Our shared values are what brings us together.

There are so many I have missed - huge apologies. Who else should I include? Let me know and I will update the list!