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Stop drowning in content and use Automation to simplify your life

Does your job feel like trying to keep your head above heaps of content? It’s time to take action to stop wasting your time and increase your current awareness.

drowning in content

Are you spending most of your time dealing with content management and distribution when there are so many other tasks to take care of? If so, automating the most time consuming tasks should be a top priority. If you are already using some automation tools but you are still spending most of your time on content management, then you are using the wrong system. An efficient automation system adapts to your needs and not the other way around.

Automating processes have many benefits, saving time is the first one that comes to mind, although there are many additional perks.

Quality and consistency

Automating processes helps to improve the quality and consistency of your established system. Having your processes automated ensures that all activities are performed uniformly across the board, avoiding any manual errors. It provides a constant reliable quality to your audience.

Gain insight

Automated digital aggregation solutions will also provide you with tracking tools and insight on how people use content within your organization. This information helps you better understand the needs of your audience and adapt your entire sourcing strategy to their specific interest.

Monitoring, evaluating and modifying your strategy accordingly are the trifecta of requirements to achieve successful measurement, all of which can be provided by the correct automation tools.

Machines are built for high volumes of requests

There’s no denying the truth: machines will be a lot faster than you are. Some people still don’t like to rely on technology as it doesn’t allow cherry picking the perfect article for each person in your organization. I do admire their passion and work ethic but this means that some more significant issues probably won’t be dealt with. Is perfecting one task a better usage of your time or should overall efficiency prevail? Automating the entire process is of course not possible. Manual intervention is important, however it should only be used to fine tune the most important details to focus on.

The Pareto principle

The Pareto principle, also known as the 80-20 rule, applies perfectly to this situation. In many cases 20% of someone’s activities produces 80% of their outputs. What if you actually spend the majority of your time on the activities that produce 80% of the outputs instead of only a fifth of your time? It would significantly maximize your performance and might even help you avoid the extra hours spent at work!

If you manage to automate most of the activities that do not produce a great deal of output, your productivity will skyrocket.

Overall, automation increases your performance with less resources. Improved quality, consistency and time savings will ultimately enhance your content management awareness and reduce costs.

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