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How do I effectively socialize my project for greater success?


Cindy Adams discussed this phrase in a presentation she gave to the Atlanta Law Libraries Association. Although the term may have fallen out of favour over the past decade or so, we still talk about getting everyone involved in the planning of a project and spending time with people face-to-face. This introduces the idea to people in a personal and direct way, and encourages them to be invested. 

It doesn't matter the type of project. In a library and information context, this could be a move towards an agile workflow, a new library management system, or investing in a new current awareness strategy, any plan for the future, or indeed, a change of any sort. Before embarking on any new strategy, be sure to embrace multi-way communications, in other words, socialize the project.

Watch a short introductory video about current awareness!  

How does a socializing strategy differ from a communication strategy?


The phrase “socializing strategy” or “socialising strategy” is not just about communications. It is about the broader social impact; the conversation within groups, amongst people, and the strategy. A socialising strategy suggests that the strategy becomes part of a conversation amongst people that has a life of its own. Individuals make it their own. 


Let us outline what socializing the project is not; 


  • building a social media platform
  • a directive or anything formal which is set in stone
  • organisational noise

Humans are social animals and enjoy sharing ideas with other people. Generally speaking, we seek out relationships and the companionship of others. Although different situations call for different types of conversations, a productive workplace requires individuals to interact.

Socializing the project is a conversation

Socializing the project is not a one-way street, but an example of "strategy preceding tools" and about sharing your ideas and gathering feedback. As we've seen recently, it doesn't matter about the methods of communication as long as we are talking, and sharing ideas. But you have many ways of making your multimedia look great!

Socializing the project in a business which values transparency is great. You are not just letting people know, you are also collecting feedback and ideas, and managing expectations. It means continually coming back to people with news and updates, and having conversations to keep learning and adapting as you go along.

And do not forget: talk to the troublemakers. Those opposed to your project or to change, or those who have not used the systems you are trying to update. Find out what is making people uncomfortable, to really know what to fix.

Do you remember the reference interview? It's a vital conversation between you and the end user. Watch our 20-min webinar short today!

the reference interview


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