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Five simple (but important) elements to include when creating a strategy for innovation success

During January’s SKILLS22 conference, Alicia Hardy from White and Case gave us some suggestions to ensure a law firm is successful when implementing innovative solutions. As a result of further reflection, I created this simple flowchart to help you clarify your course of action:

Creating a Strategy for Innovation Success

strategy for success

Think about these five areas carefully before embarking on any new course of action. 

Success is 90% in the planning

  • Align your team with your organisation’s strategy
  • Maintain clarity of mission without being too prescriptive
  • Identify quick wins amongst the longer term goals

Put your people first

  • Employ both a “top down and bottom up” approach to maximise buy in
  • Understand the capabilities within your team and deploy your talent wisely
  • Establish champions across your organisation to generate engagement

Let your branding do the talking

  • Create a distinct brand which works across all your services and activities
  • Establish your brand so that your services are instantly recognisable
  • Tell your stories and build your brand across all relevant channels of communication

Does your service deliver?

  • Embrace new technology to give your organisation a competitive edge
  • Redefine or improve processes to deliver services in line with your strategies
  • Listen to your clients (end-users) and be clear about the problem you’re trying to fix 

And finally

  • Keep an open mind about everything
  • Acknowledge the things that don’t go well because you always learn something from your mistakes
  • If you come to the conclusion that you need expert input, reach out to your network and talk to someone
  • Above all, be bold in your ambitions!

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