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#BIALL2024: Embracing change, chaos, and clarity in the legal information profession!

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While the official theme of this year's British and Irish Association of Law Librarians (BIALL) Conference is "Full Steam Ahead: From Industrial to Knowledge Revolution", I've chosen to frame my preview around the themes of change, chaos, and clarity. These themes resonate deeply with how I view the profession over the past few years. 

Embracing change in the legal information world

Thriving through change: A Knowledge Café

Helene Russell from The Knowledge Business will facilitate a knowledge café on change management, encouraging an exchange of experiences and strategies for navigating change - a fitting reflection on our theme of moving from industrial to knowledge revolutions. I’m really excited about this session. 

From chaos to clarity: KM’s role in shaping legal AI

Although there has been a whole year between episodes, I can't wait for the next exciting instalment of “what vLex did next”! Building on last year's session, this year the Head of R&D and vLex Labs will update us on AI and legal tech trends, sharing experiences and their plans for the future. It's a great opportunity to understand the sustained impact of technology on the legal profession and how we can continue to adapt and thrive.

👉 Watch out for Claire Greening’s AI Prompt Jam workshop! Information people are great at AI prompts.

How will you change our organisation?

Get involved: Are you the future of BIALL?

Diane Miller will be inviting members to get involved with our professional organisation. You can get involved in many ways - I am personally excited to be assisting with webinars and content! BIALL does not employ staff and it is reliant on volunteers to enable it to provide its services to members. Why not get involved and make a difference to yourself, your colleagues, your organisation and your career? 

Law librarianship: Past, present ... and an artificial future?

If you want some great reasons to get involved with BIALL, the Willi Steiner Memorial Lecture will provide everything you need! David Wills has been an active member for many years and I’m looking forward to hearing his thoughts on three decades of changes in the legal information world. 

👉 Watch out for Alice Laird and Katy Snell’s session on Trying Taxonomies! 

Fostering innovation and diversifying skills

Keynote: Cultivating an innovation culture

Masud Khokar's keynote on fostering an innovation culture through positive disruption and radical collaboration will inspire a shift towards a more innovative, inclusive, and joyful approach to our work, mirroring the conference's forward-looking ethos.

Changing tracks: Preparing for future success

Chrissy Street and Darron Chapman's session on diversifying skill sets underscores the necessity of adapting to thrive in the face of constant change, aligning with the broader conference narrative of evolution and revolution.

👉 Watch out for Matthew Leopold’s session on the mystery of the lawyer who embraced change!

And so much more from some great speakers! BIALL 2024 promises to be an inspirational gathering for exploring themes around change. Team Vable look forward to seeing you in Leeds for a transformative experience that promises clarity amidst the chaos of change, fully embodying the spirit of moving "Full Steam Ahead" into the knowledge revolution.

Come say "hello" to Vable's Clare and Joe at Booth 24 in the Exhibition Hall!

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