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30+ Titles to Keep You on Top of Innovation in Legal Tech

I spend a lot of time curating the various law and tech community websites and blogs. In order to get the best legal tech current awareness alerts, you need to start with relevant and reliable sources. So when someone on Twitter asked for recommendations, I thought I’d share the contents of my search filter!

‘I was talking to someone interested in legal tech today who doesn’t come from a legal background, but is interested in what is happening. Does anyone have a single one-stop-shopping recommendation for an overview of the various things happening in this space?” @GTeninbaum 


Here is a list of some of the leading sources/publishers I aggregate for use in my newsletters. Although it depends on what the reader wants, and what type of content they are after, some of these may prove valuable to people:

1. Aggregated Legal Blogs


2. Information Blogs with a Legal/Tech Aspect

  • BeSpacific - this site is updated daily, and includes posts on financial systems, high profile government documents, privacy, cyber-security, knowledge management and strategic knowledge services, legal research, FOIA, civil liberties, privacy etc. 
  • Dewey B Strategic - “Risk, value, strategy, innovation, knowledge and the legal profession”
  • Pinhawk - is a collection of useful material from an information commentator. Often includes longer reads and academic ideas
  • Slaw - is Canada’s online legal magazine, written by and for the Canadian law community: lawyers, librarians, technologists, marketers, students, educators etc


3. Legal Tech Publications

  • 3 Geeks & Law Blog - I’ve recommended this one before but it is excellent!
  • Artificial Lawyer - is all about changing the business of law, often through the use of technology, but also through the better deployment of people inside organisations and within new business structures, as well as innovation around process improvement
  • InfoLaw Newsletter - a long standing respected newsletter for all things legal and tech
  • Law Tech Today -  is published by the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC) and provide the legal community with practical guidance for the present and sensible strategies for the future
  • Law Sites Blog - an authoritative blog from Robert Ambrogli, who documents tech developments within the legal profession
  • Legal Cheek - is legal news, insider insight and careers advice
  • Legal Evolution - an online publication that focuses on the changing legal industry 
  • Legal Futures - is a legal news resource tracking the legal landscape and provides cutting-edge daily news coverage on alternative business structures, new market entrants, regulatory change and innovation in all its forms
  • Legal IT Insider - is a media, information and communications channel for legal technology news and comment
  • Legal Tech News - is a global source of independent legal technology news, information and expert commentary for law firm IT staff, legal software & services vendors, consultants, paralegals, knowledge management experts and lawyers interested in technology 
  • Prism Law - Ron Friedmann’s legal tech site and his reports on conferences are invaluable
  • TechLaw Crossroads - is all about the tension between technology and innovation on one side and the law and practice of law on the other
  • Techno Lawyer - a newsletter that feeds into my searches via Vable Inbox
  • TimeBlawg - Brian Inkster expresses his views on the past, present and future practice of law.
  • WardBlawg - Gavin Ward manages a blog which shares legal technology and innovation insights for law firms, lawyers and legal IT professionals. New pages are being added all the time, and his curated lists of products are really helpful. 

Want to know more about the tech?

4. Other General Legal/Business/Tech Resources 

  • Above the law - contains news and insights about the profession’s people and institutions, as well as commentary on legal developments
  • Big Law Business - reports on developments in legal business
  • Legal Executive Insight - brings together people from across the US legal industry to ignite conversation and debate, make sense of the latest events and trends, and provide guidance as you confront the opportunities and challenges that these changes present
  • Computer Business Review - this delivers a wide variety of daily news, reports and analysis on the global technology industry
  • Forbes / Harvard Business Review - these two give a good general overview of business trends
  • Law Practice Today - the ABA Law Practice Division's publications, including books, e-books, our magazine, webzine, and other resources
  • National Law Review - is an online resource to capture legal trends and news


5. Relevant Library Associations / Legal Organisations

The legal information community is excellent at sharing information so it is worth following the various organisations. The Law Society often comments on new legal tech developments.

  • AALL - American Association of Law Libraries is the only US national association dedicated to law librarians and other legal information professionals. Includes On Firmer Ground 
  • BIALL - is the leading professional body in the UK and Ireland for information professionals working within legal information. For their conference, blog, newsletter and journal
  • CALL - Canadian Association of Law Libraries is dedicated to promoting the networking, professional development and career growth of all law librarians in Canada, no matter where they work
  • Law Society Gazette - the trade journal for the UK legal profession
  • Lawtomated - is a collaborative legal tech learning resource. It’s aimed at lawyer and non-lawyer alike interested in, using or wanting to understand legal tech
  • Legal Hackers is an interesting collection of lawyers, policymakers, designers, technologists, and academics who explore and develop creative solutions to some of the most pressing issues at the intersection of law and technology
  • CLOC is a membership organisation for Legal Operations professionals and others interested in legal business

Many of these publications have excellent Twitter or LinkedIn accounts so add them to your social media feeds. Of course this list isn't exhaustive. What do you read that others should know about?

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