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MLex integration

With our latest integration, you can now search and access MLEX content directly from within Vable.  

This integration provides several benefits:

  • Streamlined workflow: Vable administrators can search and select MLex content together with all other sources - be they premium or publicly available. This will save you time - no more multiple platforms and endless reformatting.
  • Consistent searchability: the familiar, high quality MLex metadata is integrated into Vable, ensuring focused and relevant searching.
  • Fuss-free access: full-text articles from MLex can be accessed directly via Vable, without additional authentication. This makes it easier for professionals - lawyers, advisors, analysts - to read this premium content. Whether they receive content in their inbox via a newsletter or access it on our end-user portal, the content is clean, free from distractions and compatible with most mobile devices.MLex screenshot

So far, our clients in law firms are delighted with this clean and simple solution. "It just makes so much sense to bring all the information from multiple publishers onto one platform", said one client.

MLex generates exclusive media content, providing market insights, analysis and commentary on regulatory risk. By specialising in this sector, MLex uncovers regulatory risk before the news breaks in other outlets, allowing subscribers - the world’s leading law firms, corporations and advisory firms - to mitigate risks to their clients.

This is one of many integrations with premium content providers that Vable is working on. If you would like to test out accessing MLex from within Vable, speak to your MLex account manager or get in touch with us here at Vable!

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