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WFW selects Vable for its online news aggregation and current awareness service

We are pleased to announce that Watson Farley & Williams, the international law firm specialising in energy, real estate and transport sectors has selected Vable for its online news aggregation and alerting. They have stated that Vable has transformed the way they work.

Utilising the Vable current awareness platform, Watson Farley & Williams are able to aggregate news from their premium subscription sources as well as from public websites and RSS feeds. Their new professional looking newsletters are delivering targeted, valuable and timely headlines, from all relevant free and premium sources.

As the team explained, 

After the initial training it’s tempting to jump straight in and start building newsletters, however it’s important to understand how Vable is structured, how the searches can be layered to build topics and then newsletters. We gave a lot of time to experimenting and re-evaluating what we were distributing. The platform offers a lot of options so the process works better if you adopt a more open-minded approach.

Vable enables collaboration across the entire WFW team because everyone can add, amend and share all the information and alerts  - all in one place. Testing and experimenting helped build up the team’s confidence, allowing them to become more creative and agile. 

Engagement with everyone in the business has been the most positive experience since rolling out Vable, which reflects well on the team. As they said, “we opted for a soft launch but as word got out, we started receiving regular requests and now have a pipeline of new exciting topics in development.”

We can respond faster and deliver more, highly curated, relevant updates, customised to people’s needs. The professional, fresh design has elevated our team’s output. The fact that people are enthusiastic and engaged means we are finding this a re-energised, positive, collaborative exercise.

The Vable platform is well designed and fun to use, the team also reports that Vable customer support is very responsive and nice to work with. They explained, “it feels personal so you can always double check something or get and give clarification if discussing something complex.”

"We decided on Vable because it is incredibly flexible, the end result looks effortlessly professional and most importantly the team really enjoyed working with it. We also really liked the friendly, knowledgeable and creative team at Vable." 

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