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Is Vable the right content aggregator for your organization?

At Team Vable, we have conversations with clients and prospects who want to know, "Is Vable the right solution for our needs?" and "What successes have other organizations had with Vable?" These two questions are important; the first highlights the necessity of grasping a tool's potential; the second invites us to share stories and achievements from within the library and information community.

Our goal is to help you make an informed decision. We answer these two questions as a starting point and then invite you to explore all the available resources on our website. If you want to discuss any aspect of the platform or its implementation, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team!

How do I know if Vable is the right solution for our needs?

We appreciate that planning for and implementing a current awareness solution is an investment in time and resources. It is important for everyone involved to know whether Vable is right for an organization. Therefore, we have put these questions together to help you assess its suitability. Think of these questions as a way of introducing your success criteria!

Are you looking to streamline your information aggregation and delivery?

Vable specializes in aggregating content from a wide array of sources, including (but not limited to) subscription resources, websites, databases, RSS feeds, and emails. If your goal is to efficiently manage and deliver targeted information, Vable's platform is designed to meet this need with advanced searching capabilities and customized content delivery.

Do you require your team to collaborate on current awareness delivery?

Vable enables your information and knowledge teams to work together on current awareness creation and delivery. Whether it's making the most of subscription content, curating newsletters, setting up alerts, or empowering end users to put together their own alerts, Vable ensures that both internal and external stakeholders can work together.

Is information and data management a critical aspect of your use case?

With Vable, you can not only aggregate and filter content but also have oversight over subscription management and user engagement through detailed activity reports. This comprehensive approach to information management makes Vable a valuable tool for organizations prioritizing data-driven decisions.

Are you seeking to implement a user friendly solution with minimal technical input?

Vable's platform is accessible via a web browser, requiring no additional downloads or installations. It offers intuitive self-service options for end users, making it easy to discover and subscribe to relevant resources.

What do other organizations do with Vable?

Understanding how other organizations make the most of Vable can provide valuable insights and inspiration for your own implementation:

  • Content aggregation and custom alerts: Clients love and value Vable for its robust content aggregation capabilities. Information teams across government, legal, health, and consultancy sectors set up tailored alerts and newsletters that ensure the right information reaches the right people at the right time.
  • Efficient information delivery: Vable provides clients with options for information delivery. As organizations look beyond the traditional emailed Alert, Vable offers RSS feeds for intranets, as well as self-service dashboard options. MyVable empowers end users with the freedom and flexibility to choose exactly what they want to see, saving information teams time and resources.
  • Centralization of resources: With Vable Inbox, organizations can centralize alerts and notifications from various publishers, enhancing the visibility and management of valuable and expensive subscriptions. 

To further explore what Vable can do for your organization, please explore these resources:

  • Case studies: Gain insights from real-world applications of Vable across different industries, showcasing the platform's versatility and impact.
  • Webinars: From understanding how to add value, ensuring project success, and how Vable can help, download and watch our various webinars.
  • Product demonstration: Experience firsthand how Vable's platform works by scheduling a demo.
  • The Vable Current Awareness Strategy Blog: Stay updated with the latest trends and best practices in information management through Vable's blog posts and guides.

If you're curious about the potential of Vable to enhance your organization's information management and current awareness delivery capabilities, or if this short post has sparked further questions, feel free to get in touch. Vable is committed to empowering organizations with the tools they need to manage content effectively and efficiently.

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