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Danielle Aloia

Danielle Aloia

Danielle is the Collection Management Librarian at New York Medical College, where she oversees the acquisition and cataloging of new materials. She studied health science librarianship at The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. She’s performed original research on the use of grey literature in systematic reviews and using social media to disseminate research results. Danielle is a futurist at heart and a big proponent of Twitter. Please follow her @futuratia. In addition to reading (especially historical fiction), she is a huge Bob Dylan fan, enjoys long bike rides with her dog and can be found at a museum, a comedy show, a Dylan event or on the trail during her time off.

Recent Posts by Danielle Aloia:

Librarians and the future of medicine

As we head to the next century, libraries have to think about the possibility of shared space. My previous post about libraries of the 22nd century discussed how space and cost will drive libraries to share facilities and resources. The possibilities are endless but one of the more intriguing options is the burgeoning field of telemedicine.

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Libraries in the 22nd Century

Much of the reporting on the future of libraries discusses the rise of digital content, shrinking budgets, and the need for librarians to expand their roles, especially in the research process. Indeed, we have seen all of these scenarios unfolding for the past 20 years. Libraries developed makerspaces, embedded librarians, collaborative spaces, access to digital collections, but what’s coming for the library for the next century?

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