News Aggregation

Website Monitoring

Automatically monitor the websites of any client, industry, government or regulatory body. Extract structured or unstructured data to ensure you never miss important news or updates.

Content and news aggregation

Automate your news monitoring

Monitor all websites and RSS feeds from any organisation; include company releases, blogs,  government material, health information and any other announcements.

Set up automated alerts

Create email alerts to notify you and your team when key information is published on websites you are monitoring. An easy way to always stay informed.

Source management

Run searches across multiple feeds.  Save your searches and set up curated newsletters or automated alerts to notify you when relevant content is published by your preferred publishers. 

Tracking & Reporting

Track and monitor all user activity. This ensures consistent, data-driven decisions when gauging return on investment of expensive subscriptions. >>Find out more about ROI

Collaborate with colleagues

Collaborate with your colleagues and share the workload.  Grant them access to the same web sources for easier management, greater visibility and shared responsibility.

Health Monitor

Vable monitors the health of all your sources so that you can be notified should a key source stop working. A clear icon system tells you what is happening, at a glance. 

"Vable has transformed the way we work, giving us back control of current awareness"

Helena Marshall
Senior Researcher at Watson, Farley & Williams

Loved by information teams large & small

"Vable is a fantastic solution. Because the alerts are targeted, the information in them is more relevant and useful for isolating potential opportunities."

Tim Hennies
Director of Library Services, Dinsmore

"Having Vable frees up our time. You can focus more on the added value and the system takes care of the day to day team tasks and activities."

Anh Tran, Senior Knowledge Manager
Public Health England

"Without Vable, aggregating information from all the different legal sources would take too much time for a typical hard-pressed fund manager."

Mark Wolff
Director of Finance and Operations, LGB

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