Admin & Reporting

Source Management

Build a source library for your webpages and blogs, RSS feeds, and emails. In addition to your private sources, you also have access to thousands of public sources already set up within Vable. 

Source Management

Subscription and premium sources

Information behind paywalls can be a challenge to manage. Aggregate your sources and access them all from one single platform. >>Find out more about content

Convert sources into alerts

Convert any single RSS feed, email or webpage into an alert. Or combine multiple source collections, and run searches across the results. >>Find out more about sources

Taxonomies and Labels

Building collections of sources is made simple through labels and/or taxonomies. Use labels to organize and taxonomies to categorise so you have complete control. 

Custom scheduling

Your audience is relying on timely, accurate, and relevant current awareness. You can set your sources to be monitored as often as you need. 

Library of public sources

Search and browse across 20,000+ webpages, blogs, and RSS feeds of companies, regulatory bodies, government, health, and premium online news sources.

Health monitor

Vable monitors the health of all your sources so that you can be notified should a key source stop working. A clear icon system tells you what is happening, at a glance. 

"Vable has transformed the way we work, giving us back control of current awareness."

Helena Marshall, Senior Researcher
Watson, Farley & Williams

Librarians & Information Specialists love Vable

Vable has consulted with hundreds of information professionals in multiple industries to develop a platform that gives them back control.

"Vable is content agnostic so it’s easy to pull in multiple content streams from a huge variety of sources whether it is a website, rss, or email."

Fiona Fogden
EMEA Library Manager, Reed Smith

"Vable is a fantastic solution. Because the alerts are targeted, the information in them is more relevant and useful for isolating potential opportunities."

Tim Hennies
Director of Library Services, Dinsmore

"Having Vable frees up our time. You can focus more on the added value and the system takes care of the day to day team tasks and activities."

Anh Tran, Senior Knowledge Manager
UK Health Security Agency

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