News Aggregation

RSS Feed Reader

Organize and aggregate all of your RSS feeds and blogs. Combine sources, run searches across everything, and set up alerts. Cut out the noise and keep your audience informed.

News and content aggregation

Take control of your RSS feeds

Vable enables you to centrally manage all of your RSS feeds. Add as many RSS feeds as you need for consistent and effortless news monitoring. >>Find out more about sources

Collaborate with colleagues

Collaborate across teams, departments and offices. Vable ensures everyone has access to the same RSS feeds for easier management, greater visibility and shared responsibility.

Filter out the noise

Run searches across multiple feeds.  Save your searches and set up curated newsletters or automated alerts to notify you when relevant content is published by your preferred publishers. 

Manage access rights

Do you have a limited number of licences to premium content?  Apply restrictions to your RSS feeds to determine who, from your organisation, can access the content.

Tracking & Reporting

Track and monitor all user activity. This ensures consistent, data-driven decisions when gauging return on investment of expensive subscriptions.

Custom scheduling

Your audience is relying on timely, accurate, and relevant current awareness. You can set your RSS feeds up to be monitored as often as you need. 

"Vable is a fantastic solution and a great tool for aggregation."

Tim Hennies
Director of Library Services, Dinsmore

Loved by information teams large & small

Vable was hands-down the best fit because of its flexibility... the platform allows us to create categories using labels and taxonomies that fit our specific and unique needs."

The Library Team
Williams Mullen

"Having Vable frees up our time. You can focus more on the added value and the system takes care of the day to day team tasks and activities."

Anh Tran, Senior Knowledge Manager
UK Health Security Agency

"Vable is a fantastic solution. Because the alerts are targeted, the information in them is more relevant and useful for isolating potential opportunities."

Tim Hennies
Director of Library Services, Dinsmore

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