Guide: Everything you need to know about Current Awareness

This one-stop guide aims to answer all your questions so you can take the lead on your current awareness strategy and become your organization's trusted advisor. 

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Guide: Choosing the Right Current Awareness Platform

There are a number of news monitoring and content aggregation platforms on the market. They all promise to make your work more efficient and productive. As vendors, we want you to make the right decision for you and your organization. This guide aims to get you thinking about the process. 

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White Paper: Show Off Your Value: How to Prove Your Library's Worth (2nd edition)

Four years have passed since the first edition of this guide and it was time to update it. In the past year we have seen an upheaval like never before and it is more important then ever to think about our value. 

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Template: Business Case Template

Adapt this business case template and make it your own. It includes a project overview, who is taking responsibility for what, how the project will strategically align with your organisation, as well as a Cost Benefit Analysis. Use it for current awareness planning, or whatever your need.

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eBook: Business Skills for Librarians

What skills are required for a library and information professional to excel in their role?  At Vable we believe that business skills for librarians are as essential as research skills.

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Guide: Everything you need to know about Vable Inbox

Vable Inbox is designed for information managers to enable them to centrally manage, with little effort, hundreds of email subscriptions, on behalf of all the users in their organization. 

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White Paper: Current Awareness Technology to Gain Competitive Advantage

Learn how the library and information team can inform strategic marketing decisions and make a positive impact on business development opportunities. 

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eBook: Striking the Balance Between Content Curation and Automation

Whether you’re a curation traditionalist or an avid techie, this guide will provide you with everything you need to know to make an informed decision about content curation, and how to approach it.

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eBook: How to Calculate Your ROI and Measure Success

Find out the best way to demonstrate how your library, information, or knowledge departments add value to your organization. We help you discover and the best ways to work out your ROI and measure your success.

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