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Vable helps the Williams Mullen information team harness the value within the avalanche of daily alerts

About Williams Mullen

Williams Mullen is a regional, full-service law firm with approximately 240 attorneys in offices across North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Since the firm began in 1909, their goal has been to provide business and legal solutions to help their clients’ businesses thrive.

The main challenges facing Williams Mullen’s Library Team were lack of current awareness centralization and the constant management of multiple platforms. We were looking to simplify the process for routing electronic current awareness resources, but we also wanted to incorporate feeds for individual attorneys and practice groups into portal pages. 

“Vable was the best fit”

Vable was hands-down the best fit because of its flexibility. Other platforms were more rigid and cluttered with unnecessary categories. Vable allows us to create categories using labels and taxonomies that fit our specific and unique needs. 

The added benefit of having access to statistics to monitor end-users gives us greater ability to identify when an attorney’s newsletter may need to be modified to better fit their needs and the unexpected benefit of improving our collection management. 

The firm has further plans for Vable, for instance, we are adding Marketing’s client alerts into each attorney’s newsletter and hope to incorporate client alert feeds into personal portal pages for each attorney or practice group. 

Responsive customer service

According to the Williams Mullen Library Team, 

“One of the most positive experiences we’ve had with Vable has been the customer service. If we face challenges, need help, or have questions there is always someone to assist us. Every interaction we have had with individuals from Vable has been timely, courteous, helpful and pleasant.”

The implementation of any new platform brings with it various learning experiences. Informational professionals choose to work with Vable because of its flexibility and functionality, but this can be an overwhelming experience for new clients. Vable recognizes this and works hard to provide clients with all the on-boarding help they need. 

The team confirms, 

“to be honest, it was challenging and a little overwhelming at first. However, these feelings were assuaged with use and training. The help of Vable team members was critical to our success. Everyone we have encountered has been helpful and encouraging”.

Better information delivery

They are still rolling out the current awareness project, but initial results are encouraging. The Library Team points out, 

“We are still switching over, but the outcomes are clear from what we have accomplished so far. The attorneys receive their professionally branded and well-organized newsletters and the Vable platform has significantly reduced the amount of email clutter the attorneys previously experienced. 

The platform streamlines our information delivery services and changes the way users can access information for the better”.

Team Vable is excited and pleased to hear that the Williams Mullen attorneys are actively using and appreciative of their new and improved current awareness service. 

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