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A professional and well-researched business case is essential to provide managers and decision-makers with the information they need to support your initiative.

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Vable Resource - Business case template v2

This guide aims to:

Vable Resource - Business case template v2

More about the template

Vable believes that business skills for library and information professionals are as essential as research skills. Business planning is essential to guarantee future success. But if business plans are about formulating your strategy, business cases provide the real detail behind your well-crafted plan’s bullet points. 

Business cases require written preparation and a substantial investment of time by the information manager/director. They are challenging documents to write because they directly targeting your organization’s senior business and finance teams. Demonstrating your serious intent to management is essential and a professional business case can help convince decision-makers that they should back your proposed initiative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to adapt Vable’s business case template for other initiatives?

The document we have put together, although aimed at current awareness, takes you through the basic components. This includes a project overview, who is taking responsibility for what, how the project will strategically align with your organisation, as well as a Cost Benefit Analysis. Simply adapt the template to your needs and make it your own.

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