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Microservices is more than a software architecture style for us at Vable, it is part of our culture. Agility is at the heart of everything we do, across all functions and departments. Being agile helps us to update and improve our features and functionalities faster with fewer risks involved. This flexibility helps us to react faster to our clients’ feedback and constantly adapt to their needs.

Vable Microservices

Vable Cloud

Cloud Solution

Vable is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, with our infrastructure and platform all running on the cloud. We provide on-demand access through our online portal, allowing you to work on our platform from any location in the world.

The servers are off-premises, meaning that we can continuously deliver new updates to our system. What’s more, you don’t have to waste your time maintaining the system yourself.

Built for Enterprises

Our enterprise solution provides a durable and continuously operating software which is designed to deliver high availability. Every element of our system is monitored and analysed on daily basis, and anomalies are identified and fixed through our rolling-updates. Our fault-tolerant design enables our services to work continuously even if one part of the system fails.

Vable Enterprise Solution

Vable Machine Learning

Machine Learning

As the size of data sets increase, it becomes far more complicated to process and analyse them through traditional database technologies. We engineer our algorithms to identify patterns in our data using the latest technological developments, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, to predict probable outcomes. Our end-goal is to continuously enhance and improve our automation tools to always provide the maximum value to our clients.

Natural Language Processing

We use Natural Language Processing on our platform to simplify complex searches and eliminate irrelevant results. Our software extracts metadata from all English speaking content and automatically assigns keywords, concepts, people, companies (etc.) to each article. Our objective is to provide a solution that understands what our clients are looking for and remove inconsistencies from the result page to deliver better content.   

Vable Natural Language Processing

Vable Elasticsearch


We use Elasticsearch to power our own search tool as it has the most powerful full-text search capabilities of any open source product. Elasticsearch is built on top of the Lucene search engine, which includes many powerful and common query types. It also allows us to index all the fields in a document, making searching through a high volume of articles both quick and easy.

Cutting-Edge Stack

Our tech stack, or rather the building blocks of our software, is made up of the latest innovations in software products and programming languages. Our goal is to always use the highest level of engineering available to solve our customers’ problems in the most effective way.

Vable Stack
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