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Linex Systems Raises $1 Million to Drive Growth and Innovation

London, UK - Linex Systems, a leading provider of content automation and intelligence software, announced today that it has secured $1 million in funding to further growth and continue driving innovation as an industry leader in the legal information sector.

Founded in 2004 by CEO Matthew Dickinson, Linex Systems was one of the first to fill a gap in the legal technology market by developing a software platform specifically designed to fulfil the needs of Law Librarians & Knowledge Managers. Linex processes and indexes news articles from thousands of websites, emails and subscription news sources on behalf of its clients and provides a simple interface for filtering and publishing articles and insights to end users. Today, Linex has over 300 law firm and banking clients spread across the globe, with offices in both London and Atlanta, USA.

Linex is currently experiencing a period of rapid growth, driven by exponential demand from the legal sector. Clients include top UK & US law firms such as Linklaters, Allen & Overy, Baker & McKenzie, White & Case, and Clifford Chance as well as a growing list of banking clients. Demand is also increasing from other markets, with a number of public sector organisations and other professional services currently onboarding. The $1 million investment is a strong indication of the market’s confidence in this growing sector.

Building upon this momentum, Linex will use the additional funding to further its current investment in product development, with a new platform in the pipeline, and to expand its reach into new sectors such as finance, healthcare and pharmaceutical.

"This is a very exciting time for Linex. The world of information is rapidly changing in all sectors, especially in legal. Linex has a solid foundation with an established client base of leading law firms and a highly experienced team, and with this new funding we have a great opportunity to push ahead to innovate and build great products for our clients." - Matthew Dickinson, CEO

About Linex

Linex Systems is a content automation and intelligence platform that helps companies manage all their sources of information in one place. It compiles all their incoming data and automatically filters out non-relevant information to deliver only the most useful insights.

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