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Gain Control and Insight

Make Data Driven Decisions

Gain control by managing all your sources of information in one place. Just set the appropriate topics to go out to the right people and our automation platform will take care of delivering it for you, in the right format at the right frequency. You can stay in the driver’s seat whilst freeing up your time for other tasks.

Once the information is delivered you can track consumption of each publication from our platform's insight, helping you improve the quality of the content you send.

We needed to deliver information from many different sources, and we felt we could be more efficient by managing our current awareness initiatives centrally. Being more consolidated was one of the key motivations for changing how we did things (...) Every office is hungry for information. Vable will contribute to deliver it.

Ana Paula Aleixo, Linklaters

One place to manage and curate your content

Vable acts as a central hub for managing all incoming and outgoing information, so it’s easier to stay organized, informed and in control. One centralized location for all your resources means that you can easily run searches to locate the best quality, relevant information. 

Our current awareness platform is able to monitor an endless variety and quantity of publications, subject to permissions of course, and put it into one easily managed place just for you. You can compile your RSS feeds, social media, websites, news and legal databases, and search through them as one. By allowing technology to manage the more routine tasks, you can focus your energy where you will have the greatest impact.

Manual curation is still an important aspect of the job. Balancing manual curation and automation means that you stay in control, you're still the one sending the commands. Learn more about finding your balance in our ebook below.



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