• Automated Newsletters

    Automated Newsletters

    Combine all your sources of information in one newsletter and automatically send it to your audience

  • Central Management of Information Image

    Centrally Manage All Your Information

    Gain oversight of all the content produced by your favorite sources of information in one place

  • Email Extraction & Processing

    Email Extraction & Processing

    Automatically extract the content of several emails and combine it into a newsletter

Newsletter Automation

Find more time in your day

It can be tough when running an information service, it feels like time is never on your side. Especially when your patrons want their own, individual, current awareness updates. What if you had a helping hand?

Vable’s automatic newsletters are there for you when time isn’t. You stay in control by setting up each newsletter to include the right search terms, the right content and the right sources. But, after that, they run for you. No edits needed, no daily checks. Just relevant, accurate content going out each and every day. No stress required.

Newsletter Automation

Manual Curation

Manual Curation of Newsletters

Send perfectly tailored content

If you’re looking to fully curate each of your newsletters, then that’s where Vable’s manual curation comes in. With all your content in one place, curating your current awareness updates is simple. The Vable system pre populates your newsletter for you, according to the rules you have set up. So, you can focus on what you’re best at - curation.

It’s easy to highlight key articles, exclude certain pieces, create subsections, move content around and plenty more. Your audience will receive the most relevant, accurate and up to date content, as and when they need it.

Sending such digestible current awareness updates means that your users are far more likely to engage and act upon content.

Email Auto-Forward

Save money on subscription services

Keeping track of multiple subscriptions can be overwhelming to say the least, especially when determining whether a service is worth maintaining. Vable Inbox is a unique solution made for busy information professionals that automatically forwards all the newsletters and alerts you receive from different publishers.

Send all your newsletters and alerts directly to your Vable Inbox address and our platform will deliver each email as it is to the relevant users. Not only will you save time by adding new users to one central location, the platform also tracks the consumption of each newsletters. Meaning you save money by assessing which paid subscriptions are not being used.

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Email Auto-Forward
Email Extraction and Processing

Email Extraction and Processing

Cut out the white noise

Sending multiple emails from multiple subscription sources can create a lot of white noise for your audience. Vable Inbox isn’t just an auto-forwarding tool, it can also extract content from any email and turn it into a source of content.

This means that content from several emails can be automatically extracted and combined into a single newsletter for your users, without any manual work on your side. You can also combine the content from one email with other sources of information such as articles from any RSS feeds or websites. Less emails, better content.

Source Management

All your sources in one place

One of the biggest challenges that Information Professionals face is keeping track of all the sources - many of which have restricted access. Vable provides a simple way to keep on top of all of your sources from one central location, be they public content or premium subscription services. Central management gives you the oversight, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

Adding a source can be done with a couple of clicks, and Vable already has thousands of sources on the platform - enabling you to have full control of your sources.

Source Management
Self-Service Portal

Self-Service Portal

Empower your audience

Dear Information Professional, can you remember that article on cybersecurity that you sent me a few months ago? I can’t find it anymore...

What if your audience could directly access the information you provide, anytime they want? Vable stores each article and topic in a self-service portal, allowing your users to find what they need themselves. Giving your audience direct access means less hassle for you and better information for them.

Your audience can pick up where they left off, search for older articles or subscribe to other Topics they find interesting. It keeps them fully engaged and up to date. Because, ultimately, it’s all about delivering the best content to your end users.

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