Vable Connect

Vable Connect

Strengthen client relationships and win more business

Connect with clients in a meaningful way by combining your industry expertise with our advanced aggregation and curation tools. Vable will deliver targeted newsletters and alerts directly to your clients, making you their trusted ‘go to’ adviser.

Adding value is the name of the game! Leverage your knowhow to impress clients proactively each day. This will enhance your brand’s credibility, strengthen those important relationships and ultimately win more business.

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Benefits in context

Content delivered with the client in mind

Stand out from the crowd by connecting with your clients in a new way. Vable Connect allows you to create Topics - curated or automated - that benefit both you, your colleagues and your clients. This is the ultimate goal in collaborative working and dissemination of industry knowhow.

Collections of Topics can be used to create a quick-access dashboard of relevant information. Clients can choose whether they want to monitor our dashboard interface, or have personal newsletters delivered via email. This is a valuable service you are adding to your clients.

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Break down organisational silos for effortless collaboration

Vable Connect encourages and enables collaboration across organisations. Identify and include the most valuable industry news sources, then fine tune your current awareness content with easy-to-use curation tools. This will ensure that only the richest and most useful content makes it into your newsletter.

Being the first to deliver targeted, relevant information to clients is the goal of organisations in an advisory capacity. Time is of the essence when you want to get content to your clients. Ensure that your clients are engaged so you become their indispensable information resource.

AI for Current Awareness confidence

Vable Connect uses IBM Watson's Natural Language Processing (NLP) so you can be confident that Vable Connect can identify keywords, entities and concepts to make your content truly relevant to your clients' needs.

Combining AI with your skill, creativity and peripheral thinking creates a truly powerful hybrid: Augmented Intelligence.

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Potential for monetising your investment

Using Vable Connect, you can deliver targeted information to your clients, giving them a competitive edge and strengthening your relationship with them. This is an invaluable service for both you and your clients.

Engaging your clients with valuable business information becomes effortless with Vable Connect. It becomes a foundation for turning your business development and information teams from cost centres into money generators, so with minimal cost to your organisation, your returns could be considerable.

Put business development at the heart of your organisation!

Vable Connect ensures that the whole organisation can be involved in client satisfaction and business development. Constant and consistent communications and conversations are the goal - and that is just the start.

With minimal effort you can share thought leadership pieces, up to the minute news, or your own press releases with your audience.  Brand recognition and consistency are important, so dashboard design and beautiful email templates will strengthen your brand.



Usage reporting and analytics

Vable Connect’s reporting tools enable you to monitor engagement and give you an insight into what is currently important to your clients. At a glance you can establish which content is popular, and how clients and colleagues are interacting with your alerts.

Understanding how content is consumed is the first step in improving your alerts and building strong relationships. Meaningful statistics form the basis for excellent communications and client reporting.

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