Case Study

Tailored current awareness for every lawyer means this law firm will stay ahead of the competition

This law firm's library and information team is always keen to capitalise on new technology to benefit the firm and its clients. Manually creating newsletters is time consuming so they seized the opportunity to become more efficient, as well as broaden their existing current awareness service. They looked at a number of premium news aggregators and Vable immediately “just worked for them”.

Current awareness challenges

The information manager was frustrated by how long it took to manually produce newsletters.

She explained, “scanning 90 plus websites daily meant that half of my time was spent doing current awareness”.

When the opportunity came up to evaluate ways to automate the process, the team were keen to get involved.

There was a clear need within the firm for more targeted current awareness but there were concerns about balancing automation and quality control.

Lawyers like the reassurance of hand-curated updates therefore it was essential that the information manager had complete control over sources, content, searching and curation.

They needed to: 

  • Save time aggregating free and subscription legal information, competitive and market intelligence, and news sources
  • Disseminate and alert staff to important internal knowhow and documentation 
  • Create and automate alerts as needed, whilst ensuring consistency of the firm’s branding and style

Flexible content aggregation

They required a platform which would adapt to the information needs of an agile and growing law firm.

Vable fitted the bill because the information manager has complete control. In addition, Vable provided other benefits that fit the team’s needs:

  • Versatile curation: add commentary, format summaries, and rearrange content
  • Source selection: includes thousands of high quality, hand picked sources but you can add new internal and external sources
  • Vable Inbox: for inclusion of specialist email sources
  • NLP: IBM Watson's Natural Language Processing technology identifies keywords and concepts
  • Bespoke filters: create your own filters to enhance your searches
  • Training resources: dedicated support and training is offered
  • End-user management: users can be imported into the platform through a single, bulk upload
  • Integrations: Active Directory integrates with multiple systems, enabling user lists to be created and maintained automatically
  • Publisher APIs: from FT and other premium publishers can be integrated 


Staying ahead of the competition... 

As the information manager said, it “enabled us to speed up the manual process...and it was fairly easy to set up once all our carefully selected sources were added”. 

Current awareness is an ongoing project, as the information manager described it, “a work in progress”.

She reports positive outcomes for both her and her end users. For instance, as the main curated newsletters become embedded, lawyers are telling her that they feel better informed. The are happy to assimilate valuable information first hand, giving them the edge over their competitors. 

She can see the possibilities of focused current awareness. Rather than it taking up so much time to create individual alerts, she can now set them up instantly for whoever asks for them.

She also enjoys the acknowledgement and thanks that she gets from end users when they start receiving their relevant and interesting alerts immediately! 

Asked whether she would recommend Vable, she replied “absolutely not! We would hate it to be used by our competitors!”

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