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Ten Top Blogs for Info Pros

Information Professionals and Librarians are tasked with finding and curating information to support the development of knowledge within and for their organisations. This means that a considerable amount of time is spent feeding others information in order to further their professional advancement. As such, it can be all too easy for Info Pros to neglect their own career development.

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Fake News - A Golden Opportunity for Your Library

Recent global events have generated an influx of discussions surrounding the issue of fake news and the impact it can have upon those who fall into the trap of treating it as a reliable information source.

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Investment in Knowledge - The History of Knowledge Management

Whereas the world historically used to depend on visible capital in the form of land and labour, as economies have developed we see ourselves moving over to a knowledge economy (1). We are less concerned with what we have and instead think more about how we use it.

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How to Winterproof your Library

The last few weeks have seen a wave of inclement weather across the US and UK with many offices being forced to close. This brings about the question - what is your plan for winter-proofing your library?

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Information Service

New Year, new you new library. What if you made 2017 the year that you transformed your information service?  

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Get Ahead of the Game: The Info Pro’s 2017 Conference Calendar

As the holiday festivities draw to a close and the new year celebrations fade away, we find ourselves facing 365 (or rather, 360 now) days of clean blank pages ready to plan. How do you know what conference to attend? Will you get the budget? Should you just go to the tried and tested, or is it time to experiment with something new? It’s no surprise that it can be hard to know where begin.

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Knowledge Management: One path to a thriving law library

For lawyers as for everyone, information is more readily available than ever before. But it has also never been more difficult to locate that one vital piece of information that will transform a lawyer’s interaction with their client.

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Behind the Scenes at PinHawk

Late October saw Vable head to Washington DC, as part of our USA Roadshow, for a very special collaboration with the Law Librarians Society of DC. Jeff Brandt, CIO at Jackson Kelly and editor of the renowned PinHawk Law Technology Daily Digest, and Jean O’Grady Senior Director of Information Research and Knowledge at DLA Piper and founder of popular blog “Dewey B Strategic”, joined us for an educational Lunch & Learn to explore how to balance content curation and automation.

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How to effectively communicate to Millennials and Baby Boomers simultaneously

In a recent Librarian interview project conducted by Vable, 75% of respondents listed effective communication skills as an essential requirement to do their job. Breaking ‘the books stereotype’, verbal and written communication is a key ingredient to successfully delivering training, answering reference questions, managing current awareness, and many more of the diverse roles a Librarian’s job entails.  

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The Need for Actionable Content in a World of Short Attention Spans

We live in a world of too much. Too much information, too much work, too much to do, too much time spent on things that are irrelevant.

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