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Techniques for competitive intelligence in the library and information environment

As information professionals we play important roles in their organizations’ competitive intelligence program, but often neglect applying that same rigor to our own information environments. Just like others in our organizations, librarians must understand precisely who their competition is, the library “owned” products and services provided to a client base, the words and mechanisms employed to persuade prospective clients, the degree of product/service satisfaction, and most importantly, the value your clients place on each.

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What is the difference between Organisational Learning and Knowledge Management?

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Why our world would end if legal librarians disappeared

There is a common misconception that, as the online information age ploughs on everstrong, libraries are going to disappear forever. This sits in line with the perception that librarians require books in order to be needed and we are seeing the existence of print books steadily decline. Libraries and books are not one and the same. This concerningly common misconception is a manifestation of the lack of understanding of what a law librarian actually does - where they source their information from, how they manage and curate it and, ultimately, how it is delivered to their end users.

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CMS - It’s all about the people

Harold Jarche writes about content management within an organisation. Of course a CMS is a necessary tool. But, he says, it does not do the work for you.

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