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Times are a changin’ for Linex

 The observant ones amongst you may have noticed things are looking a little different around these parts. We have been busy working on a number of projects here at Linex over the past few months and we are incredibly excited to now be able to share some of those with you.

Firstly, this week we launched our brand new website. The new site, as you can see, has a clean fresh look. Our aim here has been to simplify your user experience whilst providing easy to digest, valuable content for our site visitors. We hope that you enjoy exploring some of our new pages, and do feel free to send us through your feedback - we’d love to hear from you!

Our second announcement is even bigger. We are currently in the process of developing our new content automation platform, due to launch this winter. The new platform is very much a natural evolution of our current product, designed with our clients and their feedback at the forefront of our minds.

Creating a user-friendly product has been our focus throughout, and the new intuitive content automation platform is very much that, and so much more:

  • A new topics structure enable you to organise your content and information more intuitively
  • Natural language processing gives you access to semantic text analysis
  • Improved taxonomies enhance the quality of your searches, meaning you have better quality results

This is just a snapshot of what will be on offer. Our vision is to give back control to Librarians, placing you in the driver’s seat throughout the content delivery journey. We want to ensure that the content you send is the very best it can be.

Interested to find out more? Meet us for a chat at an upcoming event:

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Harvard Law Library & Searchability

All the information in the world is of no use if it is not accessible. Search-ability is key to any well functioning knowledge program, and the Harvard Law Library agrees.

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"Content Management Tools That Really Can Deliver"

The title of a recent FreePint article in which author Dale Moore reviews three systems for content management and delivery:

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Farewell Yahoo Pipes

Numerous readers here have used it, and if you have used it you probably loved it. But it is time to say goodbye. As of September 30th of this year, Yahoo Pipes will no longer be accessible (as of August 30th it will be accessible as read-only).

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New Website Announcement!

Here at Linex we are very excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website.

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The human algorithm

Recommendations. We all use them. More than that: we expect them. It is enough to be browsing an online store to start receiving recommendations based on what you have clicked. And how many of us have not clicked on Amazon or Netflix recommendations?

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KM News - Your Daily Alert

As a reader of this blog you will have seen our monthly KM News Roundups (links below).

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SLA/FT Report: 12 Tasks, part 4

Creating, building, learning.

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SLA/FT Report: Comments by Sara Batts

Who better to review the joint SLA/FT report on Information Management than former president of SLA Europe and 2009 early career award winner, our very own Sara Batts. Below is her introduction, and watch this space over the next days for more posts by Sara commenting on the report.

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#SLA2013 Summary

As anybody who follows me on Twitter will have gathered: I was at the SLA conference in San Diego this week. I was a first-timer, with the ribbon to show for it, and was amazed at the proactive friendship extended by all members. I can confirm that it is easy to be a first timer at SLA, people will walk right up and pull you in, making you feel welcome and part of the team.

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