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15 stories that foster a lifelong love of libraries

Your kids, your peers, and even your bosses might not understand what you do as a librarian. However you know that your role is absolutely essential, no matter what kind of library you work in. The good news is that you don’t have to lecture them to get them to understand. Every librarian knows that books make the best teachers1, so here’s a list of 15 stories that can teach kids and adults to love libraries.

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7 times the library stole the show in Hollywood

It’s sadly all too rare these days for the library to feel like they’re centre stage. Even in the media, it can often feel like Hollywood films portray the very worst of library stereotypes. Female, a certain age, glasses, that same fashion sense… it’s bound to exacerbate the situation. Thankfully, there are some select movies that break the mould. From helping defeat vampires to wedding venues and Librarian superheroes, there’s something for every movie goer’s taste. Read on for 7 times the library stole the show Hollywood.

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Because Lawyers

Remember my favorite instruction manual?

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How cell phones work

It's that simple.

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Were you fooled?

Just a selection of some of this year’s April Fools’ pranks. What was your favourite?

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Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me

Learning and Laughing are two things we all like, and when the two can come together it is a slice of the perfect world. Make way for your new favourite podcast: Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me.

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Elf Knowledge

We will not be updating the blog for the rest of this week. Instead we leave you with current awareness as required by the busiest December workers: Santa's Elves.

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It is, in the United States, the week of Thanksgiving and as such there will be no new blog posts for the rest of the week. For the duration I leave you with my speculations as to what a Linex Alert might look like for a target audience of: turkeys

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Saved you a Click

This one bizarre trick will save you time on the internet!

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