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Taking back control of your entire organisation’s inbox

As an information professional, you’re essentially managing the current awareness component of the email inboxes of your entire organisation. It’s no easy task - but at least you can be grateful that you probably deal with more digital sources than hard copies.

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The need for actionable content in a world of short attention spans

We live in a world of too much. Too much information, too much work, too much to do, too much time spent on things that are irrelevant.

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The evolution of content curation: A librarian’s guide

Every minute, Google receives over 4,000,000 search queries, and email users send 204,000,000 messages. To say that we are living in an age of information overload where we are bombarded by white noise is, quite frankly, an understatement - but I’m sure you’ve heard all that before. What we’re more concerned about here is the evolution of content curation to enable Librarians to rise above this sea of information.

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Free ebook: Striking the balance between Content Curation and Automation

We are living in a knowledge economy. In an increasingly competitive industry, the one true differentiator left between law firms today is knowledge. What one lawyer knows over another could be the deciding factor over who wins the case.

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Keeping Content King

"Content is king" - that saying, coined by Bill Gates in 1996, is true now more than ever before. However, the value of content is directly proportional to the relevance of the content one is seeking. Keeping your Linex source library clear of clutter will better enable your administrators to identify the best sources for alerts and provide visibility when sources are no longer relevant or need attention.

If your key resources are buried amidst a pile of less valuable, no longer needed or duplicate materials, you will spend wasted time and energy sorting through what you have in order to find what you need. As time goes by, your source library will naturally begin to expand to keep up with changes in the current interests of your end users, but keeping your Linex source library organized doesn't have to be an overwhelming task, especially if it becomes part of your routine.

We suggest using a combination of the following methods for auditing your source library:


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It is, in the United States, the week of Thanksgiving and as such there will be no new blog posts for the rest of the week. For the duration I leave you with my speculations as to what a Linex Alert might look like for a target audience of: turkeys

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My Alerts page redesign

Allowing end users some autonomy on their own alert subscriptions has been growing in popularity and importance. In this view we have been working on the Reader page of My Alerts to simplofy access and navigaiton.

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KM News - Your Daily Alert

As a reader of this blog you will have seen our monthly KM News Roundups (links below).

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How Managed Alerts happen

A customer recently queried whether the managed alerts were actually created by a real person. Well, they are, and in this series of blog posts we’ll explain a bit about how they’re put together.

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Linex: Tip of the Month

Perhaps you are curating an alert and need to make sure you've identified all relevant articles from a particular source. Did you know that you can find articles from just one source?

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