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Do more with less - 8 ways to have a productive 2018

Ah, new year. Time for our annual barrage of “new year, new you” adverts and the never ending pressure to create a whole host of new year’s resolutions that, deep down, you know you’ll never keep. It’s no wonder that the January blues hit us so hard. But what if, this year, we tried something different? What if we tried doing less?

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How to Cope with Constant Distractions in the Library

Librarians are unique workers in that, for them, there is no typical day. A Librarian could well plan out their full day before arriving at the office but, in reality, the chances that they will be able to stick to this schedule are slim to say the least.

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Contentment at #ILTA14

A little bit of wordplay does a body good. I am, of course, referring to the ILTA 2014 session tagged as #INFO06: Content-ment: One Step Beyond Content Aggregation.

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Managing Time vs Attention

"Time can’t be managed—it just is. So time management is really about managing our attention."

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FOMO/TMI = Attention Management

The meeting of the Information Age with a Knowledge Economy have brought us two contradicting yet co-existing problems: FOMO and TMI.

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