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24me Personal Assistant

There are task lists and calendar apps, then there are organisers and project management apps. And there are Personal Assistant apps. The latter is a category of app I have not yet tried.

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Sunrise Calendar

Just over a year ago I had written about CalenMob - at the time the only app I found that would sync all my calendars efficiently and give me the visibility I needed.

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Phase Management with Trello

Trello was created as a highly visual task management and collaboration tool. The goal is to tell you, "in one glance... what's being worked on, who's working on what and where something is in the process".

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Is Google Drive the new Evernote?

Long time readers of the blog may recall posts about two "remember everything" apps I have tried: SpringPad and Evernote. I started using SpringPad some years ago, and have since switched between that and Evernote as the two services developed.

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Getting things done with IQTell

"Everything in one place" is a common tagline for productivity apps, making it a rather weak slogan, in my opinion.

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If This Then That

Also known as IFTTT, this is one of those sites whose discovery makes you wonder how you ever lived without it.

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Feedly Review - now here

The mobile app has been upgraded and fixed - even on iOS - and I can now bring you my Feedly review. Of course by now you have probably read more than one such review. Feedly is, in many quarters, the feed reader of choice after Google Reader's demise.

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Form Good Habits - Lift App

"Don't Break the Chain" is a productivity method popularised by the comedian Jerry Seinfeld. It's a simple concept and highly visual, and I am a fan. Every time you perform a particular habit, you mark the day off on your calendar with a large "X". Once you start building up a list of Xs, you don't want to break the chain (see how it works?).

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CalenMob - Your calendar everywhere

Very simply: the only mobile calendar app I use. And I have tried several: the built-in iPhone/iPad calendar, WeekCal, AwesomeCal. None quite worked for me. The main problem was syncing, my calendars were never up to date and I would end up checking whatever app I was currently testing, the built-in app, and then just loading up my Google Calendar on Safari. Not the most efficient.

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Asana and DropBox - together

A quick update on two of my favourite websites and productivity tools, now working together. As a user and fan of both DropBox and Asana I was happy to see the announcement of their recent systems integration.

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