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How to improve your writing skills immediately!

We all have quirks in our writing. For many years I enjoyed constructing long sentenced, semicolon studded, purple prose. This isn’t ideal when you are embarking on academic study so I learned to self-edit and proofread.

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"Content Management Tools That Really Can Deliver"

The title of a recent FreePint article in which author Dale Moore reviews three systems for content management and delivery:

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FreePint review of Linex

FreePint is an international analyst group that supports organisational investments in information.

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My Number One gadget

I'm sure we have all been there: going through airport security and being asked to remove all electronics from your carry-on and you end up with a laptop, tablet, 2 smart phones (one personal, one for work), an e-reader, maybe a fit-bit around your wrist. Perhaps also a personal hotspot, a couple portable chargers, a multi-port USB charger, not to mention all the associated wires.

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DIY Add-Ons for Drive

We have written previously about our use of Google Drive.

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Insightly for insight

The quest for the number one CRM and Project Management system never ends. Nor do I expect it to: I expect for there always to be something better just around the corner. What we want in these systems is both simplicity and power, not a simple balance to achieve.

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Good Job Brain

It's time for another podcast review. As I get more accustomed to life in America, driving an hour and a half away for a meeting, a hike, an event is becoming more of the norm, and it would not be the same if I did not have my endless supply of podcasts to keep me company.

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Songza - Musical Concierge

Because who doesn't like to have his or her own anything-concierge.

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Office for iPad

Microsoft Office is finally available for iPad with touch-friendly applications for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It is also free for Office 365 subscribers.

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Google Keep

Not too long ago I was wondering if Google Drive could replace Evernote. It can not, of course, as a like-for-like service. But depending on how you use Evernote it can offer a new way to do things, which I have found successful.

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