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SLA NY Conference and Expo

Congratulations to the NY Chapter of SLA on pulling off a great one day conference last week.

The pool of speakers was impressive in their quality as well as the diversity of roles, industries and even locations; not everybody was local to New York. These included librarians, knowledge managers, data & information managers, market intelligence specialists and more, from law firms, corporations, research institutes & public sector bodies. A large and lively audience made for good Q&A sessions after each informative program discussion.

The theme for the day was "Your Future is Now" and we got right in to it with a deep-dive keynote by Zena Applebaum. She is Director of Competitive Intelligence and spoke to us about "Using Competitive Intelligence to Transform the Role of Information Professionals". Zena provided a universal message, applicable to any job: differentiate between your tactical work and your strategic work and remember to do both. As information professionals (any of the above roles and more), you can naturally become the hub of your organisation's information and knowledge.

You will forgive me a shameless shout out at this point: when discussing the importance of Newsletters as two-way communication (let people know you are working for them, and share knowledge of importance), one of the examples in her slide was the Linex Librarian Weekly Digest. This is freely available to anybody, simply register on our site, and then visit the My Alerts page to register. Thank you Zena for including us!

Other sessions included:

  • 360 Degree Emergency Management
  • Soup Up Your Social Media Skills (a panel presented by SLA NY's Emma Davidson and which included our friend and SLA Twitter guru Tracy Maleeff)
  • Transitioning to Non-Traditional Information Jobs (a panel moderated by SLA President Jill Strand)
  • Hands-On Tech Tools Workshop
  • Small Steps to Working With Big Data (a great mix of job roles discussing their experience)
  • Succeeding in Corporate Research
  • and closing out the day, Ann Cullen presented Using Media Intelligence and Data Visualization to Provide Strategic Insight

We all learnt that skills can be applied in so many ways to a plethora of job roles. Collaboration and Creativity with a keen focus on outcome will allow for growth within your organization or a successful transition to a whole new industry.

Great work to the SLA NY Conference organisers, and to everybody else: look out for next year's event.

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