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Is Google Drive the new Evernote?

Long time readers of the blog may recall posts about two "remember everything" apps I have tried: SpringPad and Evernote. I started using SpringPad some years ago, and have since switched between that and Evernote as the two services developed.

But could Google Drive actually do it all?

I now use Evernote (and Springpad) mainly for storage of bookmarks and notes. My projects, you may recall, are now managed on IQTell and I have found Trello a useful tool for certain types of notes as well (review of that to come). Of course I already use Google Drive, so is my Evernote account just an extra login to manage?
There are things I can do in Drive which I can not do in Evernote, mainly related to formatting options. So far I have not found the opposite to be true. Having said that, only a handful of my Evernote items are imported in to Drive, so more exploring may be required.

The winning reason for using Google anything is the search - as anybody who has used both Outlook and Gmail can surely attest. Searching within a Google app is always easier, faster and more flexible than any alternative. And as I have been using more and more Google apps, I have become more reliant on search than folders and tags.

This points straight to one limitation of Google Drive: no tags. Only a folder structure. You can, however, save a Drive item to more than one folder.

Other advantages are the variety of files types you can create, being able to import external files easily, and of course the interaction between the various Google tools.

Has anybody else tried using Drive in this way before?

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